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Enumerate (something, especially a sector of a population in a census) at a lower figure than the actual figure.
  1. 'Baltimore's population was undercounted by about 36,000 people'
  2. 'The household survey used to ascertain the annual poverty rate tends to undercount family income slightly because of underreporting, and therefore also exaggerates the extent of impoverishment.'
  3. 'Government and scientific studies indicate that tuna boat observers are undercounting dolphin mortality in the fishery.'
  4. 'Workers detailed the ways they are cheated out of their wages by spurious fees, endemic undercounting of apples picked under the piece rate pay system.'
  5. 'In the midst of that, two American researchers used DNA analysis of whales to argue that North Atlantic whales have been drastically undercounted historically.'
  6. 'From the late 1960s, big-city mayors and civil rights leaders charged that the census undercounted minorities and the poor.'
  7. 'The results of each census are invariably challenged by states and ethnic groups that believe they have been undercounted and therefore will be shortchanged in the sharing of the national pie.'
  8. 'Slum populations are often deliberately and sometimes massively undercounted.'
  9. 'It speculates that perhaps the 1991 Census undercounted Bombay's population slightly.'
  10. 'There is general agreement, however, that figures for direct marketing in Oregon and elsewhere are undercounted.'
  11. 'Although vastly undercounted by the U.S. Census, the Haitian population in South Florida has been estimated to be approximately half a million.'


A count or figure that is inaccurately low.
  1. 'The 1990 undercount also proved frustrating for scholars who use demographic data to conduct their research.'
  2. 'Lynch and others have pointed out that the estimate of 64,000 computers was a serious undercount.'
  3. 'We do believe there'll be a smaller undercount this year than in 1990.'
  4. 'An undercount costs millions of dollars over the course of 10 years.'
  5. 'In Connecticut the net undercount of state's residents in the 1990 census exceeded 21,000.'
  6. 'The report draws on the 1996 and 2001 censuses, which contain a 10 percent and 16 percent undercount, respectively.'
  7. 'other states had significantly larger undercounts'
  8. 'Some leaders of those groups claim that's a significant undercount.'

More definitions

1. to count less than the full number or amount of: The mayor claimed the census had undercounted the city's population. noun

2. a count or total that is less than the actual number or amount.

More examples(as adjective)

"minorities can be undercounting."