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Charge (someone) a price or amount that is too low.
  1. 'Companies consistently undercharge for products despite spending millions or even billions of dollars to develop or acquire them.'
  2. 'When I got home, I noticed that I was undercharged.'
  3. '‘If it was the bank undercharging for eight years, I'm quite certain it would have come to light an awful lot quicker,’ she said.'
  4. 'I have gone back into a restaurant on discovering I have been undercharged, and of course the staff have been outwardly grateful, if slightly bemused.'
  5. 'I'm not sure if it was through embarrassment or accident that she undercharged me by $5.'
  6. 'Keep your rates competitive without undercharging.'
  7. 'It's obviously not in their interest to undercharge me, and it's not in their interest to overcharge me, either, since the burger business is a competitive one.'
  8. 'Our bill came to a more than reasonable £14.95, which we queried as we thought we had been undercharged, but no, I just can't add up.'
  9. 'One of the primary concerns resulting from this survey is that respondents were undercharging for their services; for some fee categories, minimum fees were as low as $8.00 per hour.'
  10. 'At Donner's Bakery, Charlie makes the astonishing discovery that Ralph has been stealing from Mr. Donner by undercharging regular customers and splitting the remaining balance, keeping half and giving the other half to the customer.'
Give less than the proper charge to (an electric battery).


    A charge that is insufficient.
    1. 'This process does transfer ground rent from areas of overcharge to areas of undercharge.'
    2. 'In former years it was possible to argue that if a Vat undercharge resulted in no loss of Revenue (because the customer could have reclaimed the Vat), Revenue should not pursue the matter.'

    More definitions

    1. to charge (a purchaser) less than the proper or fair price.

    2. to charge (a stated amount) less than the proper price: They undercharged several dollars for storing the goods.

    3. to put an insufficient charge or load into. verb (used without object), undercharged, undercharging.

    4. to charge too little. noun

    5. a charge or price less than is proper or customary.

    6. an insufficient charge or load.

    More examples(as adjective)

    "times can be undercharged."