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Not pretentious or arrogant; modest.
  1. 'In his modest, unassuming way, he prefers to let his students do the talking for him.'
  2. 'He was not a tall man nor heavily muscled, and his clothes were simple and unassuming.'
  3. 'Her modest and unassuming manner is admirable and in a way is one of the reasons why the volunteers go out of their way to help.'
  4. 'Filmmakers that have done that in the past in a very unassuming and humble way inspire me the most.'
  5. 'Known for his humble and unassuming style he often wears his customary hooded brown robe and sandals.'
  6. 'I have to say that he was a thoroughly nice bloke, genuinely modest and unassuming.'
  7. 'He is an unassuming man, devoid of arrogance, a few years too old to be called a prodigy.'
  8. 'His presence is always so welcome and especially his warm, genuine and unassuming manner.'
  9. 'Despite his many achievements he remained humble and unassuming with a good sense of humour.'
  10. 'By producing his autobiography, modest, unassuming Tom hopes he has scored a point.'



1. modest; unpretentious.

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"people can be unassuming as people."

"people can be unassuming."

"characters can be unassuming."

"ways can be unassuming."

"titles can be unassuming."

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