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Short and rather fat.
  1. 'I cannot imagine any other country believing that the image it wants to present in the 21st century is of tubby politicians in national costume.'
  2. 'A short, tubby man with wire rimmed glasses came waddling out, a fourth grader I recognized from school in front of him.'
  3. 'The tubby volunteers will eat low-calorie food prepared by a celebrity chef, work out three times a day, and try to avoid the ‘temptation fridge’ containing all their favourite fattening snacks.'
  4. 'His accomplice is white, 5ft 11 in, tubby or of large build, but not as big as the first suspect.'
  5. 'Hummingbirds and little tubby warblers darted among the trees.'
  6. 'On the other hand, this will not be a great night for couture designers; Jack is a driven character, but also short, tubby and bedraggled, heedless of fashion's demands.'
  7. 'Of his accomplices, one was about 6ft tall and tubby, and wore shorts, a red checked shirt and sandals.'
  8. 'We paused to scrutinise tree tops for the green, blue and yellow birds, and were rewarded by several pairs of the tubby ungainly fowl.'
  9. 'The defiant stare, too, would have made a subtle effect, emphasised by the averted, pixellated face of the tubby, shorter guard.'
  10. 'A tubby girl with short blonde hair sat in a seat far in the back.'
(of a sound) lacking resonance; dull (as that of a tub when struck)
  1. 'The Stokowski recording is a bit tubby here but it is an exciting performance.'


adjective, tubbier, tubbiest.

1. short and fat: a tubby child.

2. having a dull, thumping sound; lacking resonance.

More examples(as adjective)

"circumstances can be tubby in kitchens."

"circumstances can be tubby with smells."

"people can be tubby."

"smiths can be tubby."

"circumstances can be tubby."

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