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Make (something) neat or of the required size or form by cutting away irregular or unwanted parts.
  1. 'The next thing you notice is his neatly trimmed hair, beard and the nice suit.'
  2. 'A goat trims the farm yard grass just south of Five Corners.'
  3. 'The situation mirrors 1996, when workers infuriated residents by trimming a patch of grass around the sign - after they added four feet to the height of the sign rather than get the mower out.'
  4. 'His fingernails were trimmed to a neat band of white.'
  5. 'When it came to her diet, Randi decided to make small but significant changes: She started by trimming her portion sizes and adding a vegetable or a dark-green leafy salad to every meal.'
  6. 'The sheets of paper are trimmed to uniform size and then joined with rabbit-skin glue.'
  7. 'I went back to my very special hair care place, this time for a beard trimming session.'
  8. 'A local butcher will trim meat to your requirements on a one to one basis.'
  9. 'Grapes harvested are collected in a shed, where groups of women trim the fruit into neat little bunches for about $1 day.'
  10. 'I carefully full-length sized them and trimmed them to a constant length.'
  11. 'he was trimming the fat off some pork chops'
  12. 'Examples survive of all of these, although the intention must have been for them to be obscured by painting or trimmed away in the completed manuscript.'
  13. 'The group is also working on specifications for a free open-source tool that would allow administrators to easily trim unwanted information from their logs.'
  14. 'Carefully unroll the pen some, and trim away any excess clay (cut it a bit short - don't allow the clay to overlap).'
  15. 'Its fat was trimmed away from the meat, then the meat from its bones, which were then wrapped in strips of its fat and roasted over a roaring fire.'
  16. 'Since the metal was still almost molten, Lona used a knife blade to trim away the excess.'
  17. 'Installation is difficult as you must remove door and trim a required amount off bottom.'
  18. 'With a handy set of wire cutters excess can be trimmed.'
  19. 'The excess can be trimmed later if it isn't needed.'
  20. 'If you are limited, you are forced to trim the fat and leave the good bits.'
  21. 'Gently trim away any excess chocolate and set aside on a parchment-lined sheet pan.'
  22. 'This isn't to say programs haven't been trimmed; some have.'
  23. 'It added the move would be good for the company's cost base by trimming the ‘increasing cost burden of complying with US securities regulations’.'
  24. 'Cutting staff and trimming capacity may rejuvenate many Japanese corporations - but not without cost.'
  25. 'For instance, some solicitors are required to trim professional standards in order to meet the firm's strictures on cost effectiveness.'
  26. 'The staffing levels and costs at the Darlington paper had already been trimmed to the bone to encourage a sale.'
  27. 'The program hopes to trim that cost to $58 million per aircraft by fiscal year 2010.'
  28. 'It is also reviewing design standards to see if the cost of the project can be trimmed.'
  29. 'Costs have been trimmed, new technology installed, the product range reduced and the workforce cut from 18,000 to 7,000.'
  30. 'Play is now restricted or curtailed with the par reduced and handicaps proportionately trimmed.'
  31. 'He's aggressively cutting costs and trimming his head count, research projects, and product line.'
  32. 'he trimmed down from twenty-two stone to a mere eighteen'
  33. 'She joined the Slimming World group at St Mary's Infants' School and in just four months had trimmed down to her target weight of 9st 6lbs.'
  34. 'When exams are over, and summer begins, we become more active and trim down a bit.'
  35. 'He gains too much weight, forcing him to spend time trimming down when he could be refining his technique.'
  36. 'In the nineties, action heroes generally trimmed down.'
  37. 'You have spent the summer trimming down to photo-op weight, and are itching to get it on with that smiling angel from the West.'
  38. 'Interestingly, a somewhat trimmed down Dr Jules had kept his eyes closed during the minister's podium remarks.'
  39. 'It means that those who pay their £6 for a full breakfast can trim down afterwards with a workout!'
  40. 'At 89, LaLanne hasn't lost his passion for helping others trim down and shape up, either.'
  41. 'Her success has spurred her teenage daughters to trim down too.'
  42. 'Well, I'm happy to say I didn't have to do any trimming down.'
  43. 'I trimmed down your nose and face, and made you thin.'
  44. 'Although still a big guy, he has considerably trimmed down his once hefty waistline and pumped up his upper torso.'
  45. 'He was put on a strict diet and exercise plan that trimmed away 39 pounds in 24 days.'
Decorate (something), typically with contrasting items or pieces of material.
  1. 'These particular pieces got trimmed with a wood edge.'
  2. 'The long, flowing sleeves were trimmed with lace, as was the hem.'
  3. 'The hem was trimmed with white beads, and pearls and rubies framed the neck.'
  4. 'Specially imported mohair cloths were attractively trimmed with black Persian lamb and real beaver lamb.'
  5. 'The blade was trimmed with a demonic red, with a dark orange being the interior colour.'
  6. 'But when deployed, the bottom edge - which is trimmed with a gasket - rubs against the painted surface of the rear deck lid.'
  7. 'Meanwhile, a beige high-collared swingcoat was trimmed with pink grosgrain ribbon, a favourite technique of Jacques Fath.'
  8. 'Her midnight blue dress was trimmed with cream lace.'
  9. 'Studies and a large hall were trimmed with multicolored marble, and there were marble statues on massive quartzite bases in niches.'
  10. 'New Stockport Mayor Ken Holt made news in May by refusing to don the robes of his office during a swearing in ceremony because the robes were trimmed with ermine.'
  11. 'It was midnight blue and the sleeves and neckline were trimmed with white, and the material was glowing in the dim light.'
Adjust (a sail) to take advantage of the wind.
  1. 'Children gain ‘hard skills,’ such as kicking a soccer ball and learning to trim a sail.'
  2. 'With the constant need to hoist and trim the sails, sore muscles have no time to heal and joints are braced at awkward angles for long periods of time.'
  3. 'The training schedule included inter alia trimming, starting procedures, current & wind, speed and racing strategies.'
  4. 'The crew members would do more than steer quickly or trim the sails like speed demons.'
  5. 'Svensson trimmed sail and continued on the course she had given him.'
  6. 'Because it has to be in trim for sailing, everything you take onto the boat must be counterbalanced by something that you take off.'
  7. 'Sure, every solo sailor has this terrible image of them falling off the boat and watching the boat sail away perfectly trimmed up, under auto pilot.'
  8. 'As the power changes, the airplane naturally trims nose-down, so the pilot trims up to compensate.'
  9. 'Out of the nearly 90-degree turn, I scanned the instruments and trimmed out the airplane.'
  10. 'In trimmed flight the ATOS control bar is probably six inches further back.'
  11. 'Next, direct the flight engineer to take over the engines and trim the airplane for the best climbing airspeed.'
  12. 'You can never find out if the airplane is really trimmed until you let go; then, and only then, can you see if you were holding an out-of-trim condition.'
  13. 'If the airplane is properly trimmed, the correct stick position is held automatically, and no pressure need be exerted.'
  14. 'As soon as the airspeed is steady in the climb, trim the aircraft to hold that attitude hands-off.'
  15. 'The resolution was sponsored by the United States, though trimmed and weakened under pressure from various security Council members.'
  16. 'There are only rare occasions when government policy is abandoned or trimmed.'
  17. 'Nevertheless, like his early hero Gladstone, he refused to trim his sails.'
Get the better of (someone), typically by cheating them out of money.
    Rebuke (someone) angrily.


      Additional decoration, typically along the edges of something and in contrasting colour or material.
      1. count noun 'the buildings were off-white with a blue trim'
      2. 'Gold trim and decorations accented the burgundy, and made the place seem cosy.'
      3. 'Made of 100% cotton fine jersey, it features contrast neck and cuff trim.'
      4. 'Seats are extremely comfy and come in a stylishly patterned material with darker charcoal trim.'
      5. 'The bride wore a traditional off-the-shoulder ivory dress, with train and sequin detail, and a waist-length veil with pearls and gold trim.'
      6. 'He was clad in a blindingly white suit, with gold trim and edges.'
      7. 'Cut the ribbing, ribbed-band or self-fabric trim a little shorter than the edge to be finished.'
      8. 'For most of the day I work on that one spot, taping along the marble trim, sealing the edge of the tape, painting and then repainting the bands.'
      9. 'Replacing the green and white away kit of old, this new strip - again made by Admiral - has thick blue flashes with red trims down the sides of the sleeves and shorts.'
      10. 'In the south one-story, whitewashed, flat-roofed houses with blue trim around the windows and doorways are common.'
      11. 'Take your next cue from the mannequins seen in store windows: Stitch rows of ribbon and other trims along the bottom edges.'
      12. 'Dismantlers are always a good source of interior and exterior trim (though bumpers are often the first thing to go in an accident).'
      13. 'The company's chief products are door handles, underhood bottles and interior trim components.'
      14. 'The cabin is spacious, and the test vehicle came with leather trim and electrically operated front seats as optional extras.'
      15. 'It includes a magnesium cross car beam, electronics, climate system, steering column and trim.'
      16. 'So perhaps it could be sporty in terms of interior trim.'
      17. 'On another occasion four wheel trims costing a total of £100 were stolen.'
      18. 'Improvements to the interior include new upholstery and trim.'
      19. 'Fine leather and decorative trim of ash-wood and aluminium add to the feel-good atmosphere.'
      20. 'And you should see the quality of the interior trim.'
      21. 'The dashboard and interior trim have been designed to set a new benchmark for the segment in terms of touch and feel quality, adding a new notion of prestige to the C-segment.'
      An act of cutting something in order to neaten it.
      1. 'I ended up getting only a trim cause my hair stylist liked my long hair a lot.'
      2. 'As you can see from my photograph, I'm in dire need of a trim.'
      3. 'Regular trims, conditioners and hair treatments all keep locks in the tip-top shape you want.'
      4. 'We stumble across a dogs' hairdresser and watch through the window fascinated as a pooch gets a shampoo and blow dry after a quick trim, presumably to cope with the heat.'
      5. 'He looked a little messy, with his hair desperately needing a trim as it was always ruffled.'
      6. 'Consequently, my hair has gone too long without at least a trim.'
      7. 'Ah well, a radical trim of the lower layers of the bushes is called for, so that the cats can't hide there.'
      8. 'A TOP hairstylist is grooming his customers to help Manchester's tram network while they get a trim.'
      9. 'I noticed my goatee needed a bit of a trim, so I shaved one side of it so it looked a bit more even.'
      10. 'Then there are the hedges themselves, which will very soon need a trim.'
      11. 'In addition, we get some deleted scenes, about ten minutes in total, which highlight tidbits and trims made to thin out the running time.'
      12. 'There are a few deleted scenes, but for the most part these are trims and pieces of footage that the Association most likely made them cut.'
      The state of being in good order or condition.
      1. 'To have a chance of defeating this president, they must get their party into fighting trim.'
      2. 'Keep in fighting trim, people; we will be needing you soon.'
      3. 'His counterpart was a short, compact man, obviously in the type of shape and trim that came from self-indulgent working out.'
      The degree to which an aircraft can be maintained at a constant altitude without any control forces being present.
      1. 'During climb, you have to hold right rudder as there is no rudder trim.'
      2. 'Force trim enables the pilot to reduce the control forces to zero.'
      3. 'Means had to hand-fly the aircraft without any trim.'
      4. 'My IP would be hand flying the descent from altitude without benefit of trim.'
      5. 'This is how we end up with the airplane way out of trim without knowing it.'
      6. 'I gave a good wipeout of the controls and double-checked my flaps-half, trim and radar altimeter set.'
      7. 'Proper trim is essential for maintaining this balance.'
      8. 'Use the rudder trim to help relieve the forces on your leg, but don't forget to zero out the trim on final.'
      9. 'Pitch was the only axis of trim, and the control was mounted on the roof and activated by a horizontal crank.'
      10. 'The aircraft had no trim and no attitude gyros; the only reference was the standby gyro.'
      The way in which a ship floats in the water, especially in relation to the fore-and-aft line.
      1. 'A quick trip from the cabin to check the tiller and sail trim and to scan for other shipping, and the skipper was in from the cold again.'
      2. 'Put forward pressure against the trim to increase the speed, then ease the nose up and re-trim.'
      3. 'No witness before the Subcommittee was able to offer any reasonable suggestion to explain how the ship could have gotten out of trim in that 24-hour period.'
      4. 'Discharge of the ballast would tend to affect the vessel's trim and Mr Pantouvakis would have noticed it.'


      Neat and smart in appearance; in good order.
      1. 'a trim little villa'
      2. 'The trim roadside lawns with shrubberies and annuals both here and on the approach to Cork give a most optimistic expectation of what the town has to offer.'
      3. 'Behind the trim lawns and the net curtains, behind the jigsaw of decency, a number of houses have extremist posters in the windows.'
      4. 'The numerous choices include various preferences, faders on/off, smart and trim tool selections and more.'
      5. 'These neat and trim premises and surrounds are a credit to the school's scholars and teachers.'
      6. 'She lived alone in a tiny, trim house on a quiet street.'
      7. 'The targeting system is fairly intuitive and the controls are fairly trim.'
      8. 'We're in Walton-on-Thames in Surrey where Benedetti lodges with her accompanist and the latter's three young children in a trim cul-de-sac.'
      9. 'We watched from a bedroom window as a taxi drew up and a good-looking woman in a trim navy suit approached the front door.'
      10. 'His tavern maid periodically cleaned Iamir's house, and kept the little garden trim.'
      11. 'Liz, who now weighs a trim seven-and-a-half stone, also revealed that she wants to have another child with new lover Arun Nayer.'
      12. 'His trim body was covered from head to toe with symmetrical beads of sweat, which looked like little, glassy jewels sprinkled on his ebony frame.'
      13. 'But she was reasonably trim, enough to still be classed as ‘slim’.'
      14. 'The result is that extra calorie that might otherwise be stored as fat in the body are burned up and the person who dances remains slim and trim.'
      15. 'He's slim and trim, doesn't smoke, hardly drinks, eats lots of fish, soya and salad, and does a half-hour workout on his exercise bike each day.'
      16. 'Specifics aside, this is one slim, trim, light package and every time you pick it up you marvel yet again.'
      17. 'And, as you glance down at your figure - unrecognisable from the good old days - you imagine she is still the same size and shape, slim, trim and trendy.'
      18. 'I guess that's what it takes to keep slim and trim, even after kids…'
      19. 'And a new physical regimen left him trim and fit, ready for the demands of eight shows a week.'
      20. 'Her trim body fits nicely against his, and her arm feels deliciously soft and smooth brushing against the fingertips of the hand he's resting on her waist.'
      21. 'That said there's little otherwise that is excessive in this trim and spare piece of emotionally and visually restrained film-making.'
      22. 'Combined with the tapered schnabel forearm, the rifle seems far more sleek and trim than others I've handled.'
      23. 'She was trim and aware of her body, unafraid to diet to the point of starvation until she had matched her physical presence to her mind's ideal.'
      24. 'Her body started to fill in while still keeping a trim figure.'
      25. 'It seems to me that all of the food sector players will be forced to examine this serious upward movement of dietary consciousness that has suddenly gripped those wanting to be slim and trim.'
      26. 'All qualities, one may contend, perfect to maintain a slim and trim posture.'
      27. 'Simple trim lace and a dull leather waistcoat swathed his slender form, dampened in the moist morning air.'
      28. 'It makes you trim, slim and compact, enhancing the body image and self esteem.'
      29. 'On the other hand, even a 60-year old vegetarian is slim and trim!'


      1. to put into a neat or orderly condition by clipping, paring, pruning, etc.: to trim a hedge.

      2. to remove (something superfluous or dispensable) by or as if by cutting (often followed by off): to trim off loose threads from a ragged edge.

      3. to cut down, as to required size or shape: trim a budget; trim a piece of wood.

      4. Aeronautics. to level off (an airship or airplane) in flight.

      5. Nautical. to distribute the load of (a ship) so t

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      "people can be trim at starts."

      "costs can be trim."

      "losses can be trim."

      "gains can be trim."

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