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Fixed, fastened, or closed firmly; hard to move, undo, or open.
  1. 'I prised the tight lid off with my knife'
  2. 'Giving it to Lior, Shumba watched as the guard drew closer to Amenra, her graying blond curls fastened in a tight knot along her gold enclosed neck.'
  3. 'He made sure it wasn't too tight to constrict or break the tender shoot.'
  4. 'After changing and doing her hair into two tight braids, she opened her closet door.'
  5. 'Just then, there was a short knock and the door swung open to reveal his mother, undoing her tight, business-like bun.'
  6. 'I fasten my seatbelt as tight as I can get it and close my eyes as we start.'
  7. 'He undid all the tight strings of her corset and took out her half-bun, staring lovingly at the rose before putting it on her bed stand.'
  8. 'a tight-fitting top'
  9. 'Do not wear uncomfortable or tight shoes that rub or cut into your feet.'
  10. '‘I didn't feel right wearing tight clothes and teaching men at the same time,’ she says.'
  11. 'It could be, perhaps, that his shoes were too tight.'
  12. 'How could she do her work if she was wearing such tight clothes anyway?'
  13. 'She wore tight clothes, mostly tight shirts, and always had her hand on her hip.'
  14. 'Avoid wearing super tight clothes and underwire bras, if necessary.'
  15. 'Like all tight clothes, they can cause indigestion and abdominal pain.'
  16. 'My cousin was slightly overweight, but the fact that she wore such tight clothes anyway made her intimidating.'
  17. 'Also tighten your shoes well and wear tight socks so that they will not come out of the shoes.'
  18. 'She dressed in tight clothes and always let her hair down.'
  19. figurative 'presidential advisers keep a tight grip on domestic policy'
  20. 'She tried to turn, but the man's grasp on her body was too tight.'
  21. 'The guard tried to free himself from the tight grip as his face turned a deep shade of red and then went to purple.'
  22. 'His grip was tight and ironlike, and he jerked her forward with a cruel air.'
  23. 'Kathy quickly grabbed a hold of my arm and held a firm, tight grip, leading me into the limousine that awaited us.'
  24. 'Not only do they survive childbirth and carrying heavy loads, they know how to keep a tight grip on luck, love and happiness.'
  25. 'Her grip was too tight and I saw her face turn to worry as she examined first my left arm and then my right.'
  26. 'He clutched the flute in his tanned hand, which was slowly turning white at the knuckles because of his tight grip.'
  27. 'There is usually no need to strike, just make sure you have a tight grip on your rod.'
  28. 'He made sure to keep a tight grip on it so he wouldn't leave it behind.'
  29. 'He didn't say a word, just led me up the rest of the steps with a tight grip.'
  30. 'Composed of foam insulation sandwiched between two sheets of oriented strand board, SIPs create a tight home and save lumber.'
  31. 'This feature is especially helpful in tight homes, where appliances compete for less combustion air.'
  32. 'The bilge pumps may have to run for hours and hours, just dealing with rain driven into a supposedly tight boat.'
  33. 'I have been told that the house is too tight, so that there is not enough fresh air getting into it.'
(of a rope, fabric, or surface) stretched so as to leave no slack; not loose.
  1. 'Quickly, he laced the rope between her legs, one over another, until he was certain the rope was tight enough.'
  2. 'Tayler walked over to Andy and used the knife to cut the ropes, Andy flinched because the ropes were so tight.'
  3. 'They have a pulley attached to their harness which snaps the rope tight and means they are only actually holding about 10 kg, not your whole body weight.'
  4. 'She also threw on a pair of black slacks that stretched tight over her thin legs.'
  5. 'Her wrists were unmovable because the rope was so tight.'
  6. 'I simply held the fabric tight front and back of the presser foot and let the machine do its work.'
  7. 'This she tucked into the folds of her sleeves, securing it at a point where the fabric was tight enough against her body.'
  8. 'Nitrus lifted up the wrappings around his neck and tugged down the tight fabric of a Lycra suit to reveal the bare, very pale skin beneath.'
  9. 'She tried moving her wrists but the ropes were too tight, even though she was wearing her jean jacket the ropes seemed to cut into her skin.'
  10. 'He enclosed gunpowder in a tight fabric wrapping to create the first safety fuse.'
  11. 'he showed off his tight abs'
  12. 'there was a tight feeling in his gut'
  13. 'The appearance of a tight band around the head or of squeezing pain was significantly associated with muscle tension-type headaches.'
  14. 'Today I've got the shivers all over my body and a tight band round my forehead.'
  15. 'The muscles in her legs, arms, and her whole body were tight and tense with the exertion of running and her sopping hair flew wildly out behind her.'
  16. 'Early on after my coma the muscles in my body were incredibly tight.'
  17. 'Ian can barely breathe, his lungs are so heavy and his stomach painfully tight.'
  18. 'The very thought of this makes my throat tight and my eyes water.'
  19. 'she gave him a tight smile'
  20. 'They entered the warm study to find the Prince standing behind his desk, waiting with a tight and hard expression.'
  21. 'He gives a tough, tight smile as he contemplates his boyhood self, and you can almost hear the schoolchildren of Glasgow breathe a sigh of relief.'
  22. 'She gave him a tight smile and reached for his hand.'
  23. 'There is something too controlling about Britney with her tanned shiny skin, tight smile and big forehead.'
  24. 'In his tight, angry face we see a lifetime of struggles and disappointments.'
  25. 'The nurse's mouth is a tight line, barely moving when she speaks.'
  26. 'Well, he was slim now, and had acquired, as if through plastic surgery of the will, a tight smile that meant to beguile.'
  27. 'His smile was small and tight, very professional looking.'
  28. 'She had a tight little smile and two dimples appeared.'
  29. 'But these are sharp little nods, with tight, bright smiles, that say ‘Fine’.'
  30. 'Our security at Los Alamos and all our nuclear facilities is very tight now.'
  31. 'Security chiefs have decided to impose tight controls to prevent terrorists from slipping into the country.'
  32. 'Security around the hotel was extremely tight with no-one but those with security clearance getting within the environs of Jessop Street.'
  33. 'The US has since pursued a systematic policy aimed at keeping the UN under tight control.'
  34. 'And the president has directed that spending be kept under tight controls as well.'
  35. 'The tight House of Lords security did not realise the trick that had been played on them.'
  36. 'Security at the church was tight, with scores of young people mobilized to scrutinize arrivals and check their bags and identities.'
  37. 'Despite the fact that wages and salaries are by far the biggest element of the NHS budget, there have been tight controls on the pay bill.'
  38. 'The peasantry in 1300 were living in a world where land was scarce and opportunities for economic advancement were limited by the tight controls of the landowners.'
  39. 'There are tight rules on the type of properties that qualify for the relief.'
  40. 'a tight argument'
  41. 'The critics are in awe of the play's fast, violent pacing, its tight structure and the humorous Scottish dialect.'
  42. 'The film is tight, superbly structured and has a great, ambiguous ending.'
  43. 'But that's a minor flaw given the tight execution of this concise, effective album.'
  44. 'But those seemingly random gags only work effectively when anchored to strong characters and tight story structures.'
  45. 'the vocalists are strong and the band is tight'
  46. 'A tight and disciplined band they are driven by the skills of drummer Rob Townsend.'
  47. 'But, they were really tight together and didn't sound at all like a new or high school group.'
  48. 'They have been playing together for 26 years and it shows; very tight, very together.'
  49. 'A mention must also go to the tight five who scrummaged hard all day and were full of running.'
  50. 'We wanted a tight group of resource-providers who were in the region.'
(of an area or space) having or allowing little room for manoeuvre.
  1. 'it was a tight squeeze in the tiny vestibule'
  2. 'The sliding side doors are ideal when parking in tight spaces and the placement of the handbrake to the right of the driver's seat keeps the floor between the front seats clear.'
  3. 'But space restrictions at the terminal will force drivers to undertake tricky reversing manoeuvres in and out of tight spaces.'
  4. 'Be assured, this latest XJ is compact enough to fit into a normal-size garage, and can easily cope with the tight spaces of multi-storey car parks.'
  5. 'At one point space was so tight, two classes were even being taught in one room.'
  6. 'This needle allows the surgeon greater control when placing the suture in tight spaces, such as the vomer area or posterior pharynx.'
  7. 'Maneuvering within a tight space requires skill on the part of the operator, as well as precise equipment.'
  8. 'The steering is light and makes the Fabia very easy to place and manoeuvre around tight spaces.'
  9. 'Deneb didn't even sleep in a bedroom, as he couldn't stand the room's tight spaces.'
  10. 'It not only helps prevent minor car park knocks, but also helps make light work of manoeuvring in tight spaces.'
  11. 'Her long legs were going numb already, cramped from the tight space.'
  12. 'But he didn't panic and his third effort, from a very tight angle for a left-footed kicker, flew between the posts.'
  13. 'Gardener has the build to make the most of tight bends and camber of indoor tracks.'
  14. 'McSherry scored an inspirational point from a tight angle when he was forced to shoot from the right corner.'
  15. '‘I had just started the ascent of Angliru and was taking one of the tight bends when my wheel just skidded out from under me,’ he recalled.'
  16. 'When it's not being screamed around tight bends at full chat, the car is still a rounded prospect.'
  17. 'Not even big humps can unsettle the Hydractive suspension which also stops the car rolling severely in tight bends.'
  18. 'It will go at a fairly leisurely speed of 22.4mph but Mike says there are some fairly tight bends.'
  19. 'I warmed up a bit as I climbed the slopes of Stake Hill where the path joins a wider track and then, shortly after, makes a very tight bend to the left.'
  20. 'Everyone is happy, especially Wilkinson, because he kicked well and finished with six out of seven from a tight angle by a corner post.'
  21. 'A useful escape tactic to a prey is to initiate a turn before predator closure and rely on a tight turn radius for escape.'
  22. 'David was out of work and money was tight'
  23. 'Money was so tight that even my mother was working part-time.'
  24. 'Adam was getting the feeling that money was tight for her.'
  25. 'Sure, money is tight, but I've already accepted that will always be the case.'
  26. 'Money was tight; he couldn't afford the trips on his salary as a counselor at St. Petersburg College.'
  27. 'Money is tight all the time and we don't have enough reporters.'
  28. 'Money is tight and the government needs to know where to target its funding.'
  29. 'If money is tight and restricting you from having the flowers you dream of then why not consider making your own bouquet.'
  30. 'The lack of any guarantee of a useful result makes R and D an expense which is often cut when funds are tight.'
  31. 'As a result money is tight, but everyone's been changing their investment goals this year.'
  32. 'The captain of the survey ship was on a tight schedule, so he made note of the readings in his log and then the ship came about and returned to the Empire.'
(of a formation or group) closely or densely packed together.
  1. 'Gophers clump their mounds together in tight groups, and these are flatter and fan-shaped with off-center holes.'
  2. 'Behind him, the capital ships were starting to shift, trying in vain to get out of their tight formation.'
  3. 'We stayed together in a tight group as we approached the house.'
  4. 'Several green creatures were marching by in tight formation.'
  5. 'They carefully engaged themselves into it, floating in a tight formation.'
  6. 'She fell in beside Walter, behind Bill, and smirked gently as she realized they were in a tight formation themselves.'
  7. 'She ran on to one of the paths, the only way that the trees weren't so packed tight together.'
  8. 'The air was real smooth and was ideal for tight formation flying.'
  9. 'Our team is really tight so it's hard, but at the same time everybody is always looking out for the new kids.'
  10. 'It spun, out of control, into three of the others which were in tight formation.'
  11. 'New York's tight Orthodox Jewish community'
  12. 'But generally it was just the local boys, a very tight group, very localized.'
  13. 'They are a tight community and they work well together.'
  14. 'After World War II, the original incentives to remain a tight community faded away.'
  15. 'Where are the applications for people who live in tight communities of a thousand people and strong local government?'
  16. 'For all that has happened to him, he is still the product of his background, still the son of a tight community.'
  17. 'With all of this behind, what's next for this tight group of friends over the next few years?'
  18. 'We are a tight group and share everything with each other, but I am beginning to wonder if I should rethink sharing my encounters with them.'
  19. 'The fans at Victoria Park looked after each other, as they would in any tight community.'
(of a game or contest) with evenly matched competitors; very close.
  1. 'I thought it was a tight game, quite competitive, but we maybe just shaded it.'
  2. 'Somewhere between the first and last inning of a tight game, a baserunning play is going to decide it.'
  3. 'His willingness to handle the scoring burden in tight games was another sign of his maturity.'
  4. 'In what was expected to be a very tight game, the USA and Russia did not disappoint the fans.'
  5. 'He'll also be a voice of calm in the face of adversity that's sure to come in tight games.'
  6. 'The team is set offensively in the outfield, so Lewis most often is used as a defensive replacement late in tight games.'
  7. 'He wants to give his key players more rest, but in tight games his best players need to be on the court as much as possible.'
  8. 'Given injury worries in the Scotland camp this should be a tight game.'
  9. 'But I'm sure this Saturday will be a tight contest and the first goal could be crucial.'
  10. 'The White Sox were in a tight race and did not want to play a makeup game in Texas and lose their home field advantage.'
Not willing to spend or give much money; mean.


      Very firmly, closely, or tensely.
      1. 'He shuts his eyes tight, as if trying to quell something terrible.'
      2. 'Christopher clenched his jaw and reached out, shutting his eyes tight as he twisted the handle and jerked the door open.'
      3. 'He shut his eyes tight and shook his head some more.'
      4. 'Trying a desperate attempt to sleep he shut his eyes tight.'
      5. 'He shot a large ball of light and I shut my eyes tight.'
      6. 'Silhouette clenched her fists and shut her eyes tight.'
      7. 'I rested my forehead on my knees, shutting my eyes tight.'
      8. 'He cursed his luck and shut his eyes tight, trying to remain motionless.'
      9. 'The mother of the little girl shut her eyes tight, the tears falling more.'
      10. 'He shut his eyes tight and forced himself to complete what he had begun.'


      1. firmly or closely fixed in place; not easily moved; secure: a tight knot.

      2. drawn or stretched so as to be tense; taut.

      3. affording little or no extra room; fitting closely, especially too closely: a tight collar.

      4. difficult to deal with or manage: to be in a tight situation.

      5. of such close or compacted texture, or fitted together so closely, as to be impervious to water, air, steam, etc.: a good, tight roof.

      6. concise; terse: a tight sty

      More examples(as adjective)

      "supplies can be tight in places."

      "securities can be tight in places."

      "supplies can be tight in markets."

      "securities can be tight in capitals."

      "supplies can be tight in years."

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      Middle English (in the sense ‘healthy, vigorous’, later ‘firm, solid’): probably an alteration of thight ‘firm, solid’, later ‘close-packed, dense’, of Germanic origin; related to German dicht ‘dense, close’.


      run a tight ship
      a tight corner (or spot or place)