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Beat or sound with a strong, regular rhythm; pulsate steadily.
  1. figurative 'the crowded streets throbbed with life'
  2. 'The pulsating vein that was throbbing on my temple may have betrayed my initial intention though.'
  3. 'The Warm and Fuzzys are well known for their fun factor and throbbing sound systems.'
  4. 'It throbs like the heartbeat of a newborn or the rhythm of a drum.'
  5. 'The stadium, packed to the rafters, throbbed to a pulsating Celtic soundtrack.'
  6. 'His mind throbbed with greater insistency at the startling conclusion that had presented itself.'
  7. 'The concluding Samba throbbed with rhythmic intensity and interpretive individuality.'
  8. 'New York City throbbed with a vibrant energy, just as it always did.'
  9. 'At the touch, my heart throbbed with an overwhelming joy.'
  10. 'Then the drought broke, and for a few years the underworld throbbed with life.'
  11. 'On the bright side, her head was just a minor throb and the pain in her chest had calmed.'
  12. 'her foot throbbed with pain'
  13. 'A repeat accident was on the verge and her upper arm throbbed violently and warningly.'
  14. 'she asked as she sat up, her ankle throbbing dully as she did.'
  15. 'Heads throbbing, Celinda finally awoke to a heart throbbing headache.'
  16. 'My blood became as thick as pudding, and my head throbbed with pain.'
  17. 'He ached all over, his broken ankle throbbed with stabs of pain, and he was incredibly short of breath.'
  18. 'His muscles already throbbed with pain and this wasn't helping a bit.'
  19. 'I winched as I felt my leg throbbing again.'
  20. 'My head was now throbbing painfully, and I had released him.'
  21. 'My head throbbed with the force of a thousand attacks at once and I could feel the painful sensation worsening with each pulse of my heart.'
  22. 'Over and over again, until the cell rang with the dull sounds and his head throbbed to the terrible beat.'


A strong, regular beat or sound; a steady pulsation.
  1. 'Slowly, a rhythm grew inside my bosom, resulting in a pulsating throb of emotion from the bow to the instrument.'
  2. 'His blood throbbed the throb of a deep drum; he tensed himself to strike.'
  3. 'Check out the Kraftwerk-like throb and distanced lyricism of March, the second movement of Phil Kline's The Blue Room and Other Stories.'
  4. 'There is a throb of constant excitement, an irrepressible energy as palpable as the tangled screech of a bird chorus in the wash, glow and lightness before sunrise.'
  5. 'The town is really just three main streets, South Street and Market Street and North Street, and about them bubbles a decorous throb of industriousness.'
  6. 'Ease on in to the cool interior and the steady throb of the reggae beat tells you that you are in Marley Country.'
  7. 'He could feel its palpitations and hear the insistent throb of blood in his veins.'
  8. 'How many Pagans are solitary because they can't handle the constant throb and beat and intrusion?'
  9. 'Occasionally the drumline rides on a steady electronic throb, but that's it.'
  10. 'The riff is undeniable and the bass throb is sleazy, but it would sound like hell worked into a DJ set.'
  11. 'the dull ache became a throb'
  12. 'The pain in my arm had subsided to a dull throb and we both fell asleep straight away, completely exhausted.'
  13. 'He had the pain under better control now; it was still there, but as a steady dull throb.'
  14. 'My eyes glued shut when I coughed and as I did so, a huge throb of pain went to my head again.'
  15. 'Then a pulsing throb like the beginnings of a migraine started deep in my temples.'
  16. 'It was not a blind, stabbing pain, but just a throb and a twinge.'
  17. 'The dull pain, not even a throb, just a constant, nagging ache, seems to be inside your body, deep inside, rattling your bones, if that were possible.'
  18. 'I still had all my indistinctive cuts, and the pulsating throb on my arm, beautiful quivering under the pressure of the gauze, wasn't helping much.'
  19. 'He forced himself onto his knees, ignoring the dull throb of pain that threatened to flare up any second and crawled a few inches, feeling the air blindly in front of him, before stopping to listen.'
  20. 'Raven was about to respond scathingly but her wrist give an extra painful throb.'
  21. 'The dull throb of joint pain and her increasing inability to make sense of the goings-on around her, kept her in one spot more and more.'

More definitions

1. to beat with increased force or rapidity, as the heart under the influence of emotion or excitement; palpitate.

2. to feel or exhibit emotion: He throbbed at the happy thought.

3. to pulsate; vibrate: The cello throbbed. noun

4. the act of throbbing.

5. a violent beat or pulsation, as of the heart.

6. any pulsation or vibration: the throb of engines.

More examples(as adjective)

"sites can be throbbing due to fluids."

"sites can be throbbing due to cells."

"pains can be throbbing."

"headaches can be throbbing."

"heads can be throbbing."

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(throb)Late Middle English: probably imitative.