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With opposite surfaces or sides that are close or relatively close together.
  1. 'a thin line of paint'
  2. 'The keypad lights up a shaded blue, and the buttons are thin and stylish.'
  3. 'Generally, the cylinder and the cylinder head bolt together with a thin gasket pressed between them to ensure a good seal.'
  4. 'These traditional Italian style pizzas are thin and crisp and loaded with delicate, subtle flavours and topped with mozzarella cheese.'
  5. 'It was a simple dish made up of thin slices of perfectly cooked beef and onions, served with a generous amount of a light gravy with hints of Asian flavourings.'
  6. 'The key lime was pleasantly tart, on a nice thin crust.'
  7. 'Polycarbonate is a tough, transparent thermoplastic that's used to make thin, light lenses.'
  8. 'The stations were separated by thin partitions and the side walls were painted drywall.'
  9. 'He pulled out a thin strip of metal and put it into the lock.'
  10. 'One particular 20 yard stretch of rail is held down on one side by just one thin clip; the rest are either missing or so bent that they are not securing the rail at all.'
  11. 'Only a thin layer at the surface thaws during summer.'
  12. 'The dress was long, but the thin material was light and loose, making it easy to walk and move.'
  13. 'Only thin sleeves split down the inside covered her arms.'
  14. 'The weather was fairly warm for Spring, so the boys were fine in their thin clothing.'
  15. 'She began to feel her thin shoes break under her, and the muscles in her thighs started to burn with fury from the intense climb.'
  16. 'Her own shoes were so thin, and her steps so graceful that they hardly made a sound.'
  17. 'Will ran towards the outer courtyard, Sibyl in close pursuit, noticeably slowed down by her thin shoes and bulky dress.'
  18. 'The cigarette burned a hole in Adam's thin sleeve and stung his arm.'
  19. 'Spraying repellent on clothing can be useful, as mosquitoes can bite through thin fabrics.'
  20. 'The ground was very wet and I felt it almost at once through my thin boots.'
  21. 'A thin, translucent organza material partially hid the silver tasseled white sheets from view.'
  22. 'our clothing was getting thin'
  23. 'They both were wearing very thin shirts with a ton of holes in them.'
  24. 'In thin gilt lettering on the creamy white of the menu, how little those words conveyed to the bulk of the imperfectly educated diners.'
Having little, or too little, flesh or fat on the body.
  1. 'She is skeletally thin, with hollow, cadaverous eyes and cheeks.'
  2. 'He is so thin and reedy you worried for his balance when the wind picked up, but he moves with soft, sumptuous delicacy.'
  3. 'He was thin and weak, and his voice was almost inaudible despite the relative quiet of a teaching hospital side room.'
  4. 'I see a thin, bearded guy wearing a thick turtleneck sweater, spooning coffee into a mug in his small flat, scowling at the newspaper.'
  5. 'He was thin but far from weak and stood about six-foot tall.'
  6. 'Lily, on the other hand, was dark headed, short but thin, and relatively quiet.'
  7. 'I almost felt sorry for Nicola, who's grown painfully thin.'
  8. 'If you're naturally thin, you might fill out a little more after puberty, but then again, you might not.'
  9. 'He was already walking a fine line between thin and skeletal when we met, but now he just looks ill.'
  10. 'If you could point to a line of fat or thin people stretching back generations, I'd accept that, but in general the number of people whose body shape is determined by their genes is very small.'
Having few parts or members relative to the area covered or filled; sparse.
  1. 'his hair was going thin'
  2. 'There seems to have been at most a thin trickle of men directly from northern France into Scotland, and there is little evidence of migration directly from the Continent to Ireland.'
  3. 'Their fur was thickest in patches on the head and groin, elsewhere it was thin and limited.'
  4. 'Its average elevation is 13,000 feet, making the air rather thin and cold, and ten peaks top 20,000 feet.'
  5. 'A thin veil of fog had rolled in off the bay, obscuring his view and coating the area in a pale gray-white mist.'
  6. 'A hole has been torn in the thin veil of ozone just above the Antarctic.'
  7. 'They hope to complete the trek in five days, but it presents problems because they will be walking at altitudes of up to 14,000 ft, where the air is thin.'
  8. 'So some astronomers are quite keen to set up their instruments in Antarctica to take advantage of the thin, cold air.'
  9. 'He wrote about what it was like to live and die where the air is so thin that every breath is a triumph.'
  10. 'The morning started fine, with a little high thin cloud, but still and very cold.'
  11. 'In addition, she suffers from asthma, which makes mountain races, where the air is thin, particularly difficult.'
  12. 'The air was thin up here, but he was used to going up high and knew how to control his breathing so he didn't get lightheaded.'
  13. 'The day dawned gray and chill, a thin mist turning Baghdad's usually dry air damp.'
  14. 'Follow the thin right fork through to easier ground and the top.'
  15. 'This is a shoe that excels when face climbing or thin crack climbing.'
  16. 'There, a series of thin moves leads you up the remainder of the corner, then you end up facing a traverse to the right under a huge, overhanging roof.'
(of a liquid substance) not containing much solid; flowing freely.
  1. 'The mild tartness of the thin liquid cut through the dust and diesel fumes.'
  2. 'Twice a day inmates receive two pieces of dry bread and weak tea; at midday they are handed a portion of soup or thin gruel.'
  3. 'In several test tubes and bottles were thin, multicolored liquids.'
  4. 'They can vary in size and contain liquid that is thin and watery, or thicker and paste-like.'
  5. 'The surrounding tissue swells up and thin pus leaks through narrow passages called sinuses onto the surface of the skin.'
  6. 'The béarnaise sauce was now so thin and runny it had the consistency of water and didn't taste good at all.'
  7. 'If no frank perforation is seen, thin barium liquid should be used to identify lacerations that may otherwise be missed.'
  8. 'Regardless of its ethnic origins, it will be a thin, brown liquid, made from fermented fish and salt.'
  9. 'Do not swallow anything until it is a thin liquid pulp.'
  10. 'Rarely, a patient may be limited to foods with a pudding consistency if thin and thick liquids are freely aspirated.'
Lacking substance or quality; weak or inadequate.
  1. 'It's weak, it's thin, it's insipid and it's desperately unsatisfying.'
  2. 'Further investment in players may improve their weak defence or thin squad, but would disrupt the team spirit which has thus far carried them to the heady heights of fourth.'
  3. 'Such an attitude is a thin cover for right-wing politics.'
  4. 'The plotline is relatively thin, relying on the quantity of ghosts and potential gruesome deaths to keep the story going until its climatic end.'
  5. 'If formal sources of law, and the law they produce, have become too thin and weak for the tasks they should accomplish, supportive normativity may be found in tradition.'
  6. 'The focus on each is spread a bit too thin, so the connections between them are never clear enough.'
  7. 'My only gripe is that, for the price, it's a little on the thin side.'
  8. 'This vital missing ingredient leaves the characterisation grossly underdeveloped, and the plot, somewhat on the thin side.'
  9. 'He also tried to dispel the belief that the government had a thin legislative agenda.'
  10. 'This form, music video, paired popular songs with series of incoherent images held together by thin narratives.'
  11. 'a thin, reedy little voice'
  12. 'The pictures on the office wall were all of autumn landscapes, the dry leaves matched by the thin, reedy tones of the ageing former revolutionary behind the desk.'
  13. 'The audio is thin and pinched, with a definite canned quality.'
  14. 'It's sort of reedy and thin and breathless; she always sounds a bit too worried and self-conscious to really lose herself in the music.'
  15. 'The sound they made was thin and their dance routines were basic.'
  16. 'His terror threatened to overwhelm him as he dived for the handlebars with a thin squeak escaping his lips.'
  17. 'The vocals are weak and thin, more whiny than appealing.'
  18. 'Behind that sound, hidden in it, was the thin, faint sound of a woman's distant scream, coming from inside the building.'
  19. 'If her top notes sound thin, she's matched at the other end of the scale by Paul, whose bottom notes almost disappear.'
  20. 'His muse, whilst sounding thin and mean vocally, comes to life through her guitar.'
  21. 'Technically the picture is often subpar, and the sound is rather thin and tinny.'
  22. 'Gwen nodded weakly and Hannah just gave her a small thin smile.'
  23. 'She gives him a thin smile and the ticket he'd given her earlier.'
  24. 'Baron stifled his angry response and forced a thin smile instead.'
  25. '‘It was quite a nasty fall,’ he explained, a thin smile forming on his lips in recognition of the understatement.'
  26. 'She looked paler than ever, but there was a thin smile on her face.'
  27. 'Anthony and I stared at him and smiled thin smiles, desperate not to catch each other's eye.'
  28. 'He sat across from her, studying her with that thin smile.'
  29. 'I especially don't want to be welcomed and have to respond to friendly questions with a thin, watery smile and inane small talk.'
  30. 'Troy's thin smile was cautious, guarded, like he was afraid of something.'
  31. 'A thin smile crossed her face as she turned back to the console.'


With little thickness or depth.
  1. in combination 'a thin-sliced loaf'
  2. 'The homemade onion rings are even better, cut thin and lightly battered so there's a nice balance between crust and juicy onion.'


Make or become less dense, crowded, or numerous.
  1. no object 'the trees began to thin out'
  2. 'The crowd began to thin out so early it looked as if someone had spread a rumor that the police were going to raid the place.'
  3. 'Unable to resist such a challenge, I waited for the crowd to thin out and finally introduced myself to an attractive woman with a melodious accent.'
  4. 'While they are effective, side effects can include loss of libido and bone thinning.'
  5. 'Mini-grafts of hair are harvested from the back of the head and replanted in thinning areas of hair.'
  6. 'But when it comes to the lost causes, the inevitable setbacks, the small defeats, the crowds thin out quickly.'
  7. 'At first I thought I was just imagining it, but then it became clear that the trees were thinning out.'
  8. 'They approached the first crossroad and turned right, the road soon becoming smoother and wider as the trees started to thin.'
  9. 'The celebration continues through Sunday when the crowd begins to thin out.'
  10. 'As they walked, the ground gradually began to level out and the trees thinned.'
  11. 'The crowd began to thin out but not so that the bar was entirely empty.'
  12. 'thin out the rows of peas'
  13. 'Try growing some in a large clay pot, thinning the seedlings as they grow to just 1 or 2 per pot.'
  14. 'You should thin the seedlings until they are about one foot apart.'
  15. 'It is hoped that by thinning the area around the veteran oaks, it will encourage the public to enjoy the view of the trees.'
  16. 'If too many seedlings appear, thin the plants to about 5 inches apart.'
  17. 'After germination, seedlings were thinned to five plants per pot.'
  18. 'Do you feel guilty when you have to thin out seedlings?'
  19. 'Some of the trees have grown so fast that decisions need to be made as to whether they are to be thinned or allowed to develop into copses.'
  20. 'Rows were thinned to provide an even plant spacing and each plant marked with a numbered stake.'
  21. 'When your plants start to show a couple of leaves, thin them back a little, then a little more as they get taller, until they're at least eight inches apart.'
  22. 'The plants were thinned 10-12 days after germination to give an average of 20 plants, uniformly distributed per pot.'
  23. no object 'the blood thins'
  24. 'I have had heart bypass surgery and am on medication to thin my blood.'
  25. 'A side effect common to all anticoagulants is the risk of excessive bleeding, due to the blood being thinned.'
  26. 'Taking supplements, even vitamin E, known to thin blood, is safe.'
  27. 'Although the benefits of ginkgo are not clearly understood, it is believed that it may improve blood flow to the brain by thinning the blood.'
  28. 'Aspirin has been used to treat heart disease because it thins blood and prevents clots.'
  29. 'Oil paint can be thinned to a watery consistency or brushed on with thick luscious strokes.'
  30. 'Warfarin protects those with heart problems by thinning the blood in order to prevent clotting.'
  31. 'Add enough water to thin the consistency of the dressing so it can be drizzled over salad.'
  32. 'Specialists can diagnose the condition with a simple blood test, and treatment normally includes medication to thin the blood.'
  33. 'Aspirin's ability to thin the blood has led to its use in preventing heart attacks and strokes.'
Make or become smaller in thickness.
  1. 'Today Science tells us the speed of light is decaying, the magnetic field is collapsing, the earth is slowly beginning to wobble on its axis, the protective ozone layer is thinning.'
  2. 'This video shows the Antarctic ozone layer thinning during 1998, reaching its thinnest in the southern spring.'
  3. 'Many doom and gloom headlines often scream about the ozone layer thinning over the poles, and this has given some people the idea that ozone is a harmless gas that protects us from the rays of the sun.'
  4. 'Over the past 40 years, the Arctic ice pack has thinned and shrunk significantly.'
  5. 'Since 1978 Arctic sea ice area has shrunk by some 9 percent per decade, and thinned as well.'
Hit (a ball) above its centre.
  1. 'The other important moment of his round came soon after noon, when first he mishit his five-iron on the 17th, then thinned the ensuing bunker shot.'
  2. 'Disaster strikes when he thins his pitch from the rough beside the 10th green all the way across the putting surface.'


1. having relatively little extent from one surface or side to the opposite; not thick: thin ice.

2. of small cross section in comparison with the length; slender: a thin wire.

3. having little flesh; spare; lean: a thin man.

4. composed of or containing objects, particles, etc., widely separated; sparse: thin vegetation.

5. scant; not abundant or plentiful.

6. of relatively slight consistency or viscosity: thin soup.

7. rarefied, as air.

8. w

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"volumes can be thin at shares."

"newses can be thin on grounds."

"volumes can be thin at lots."

"people can be thin on grounds."

"volumes can be thin in/at/on todays."

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Old English thynne, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch dun and German dünn, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin tenuis.


have a thin time
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the thin blue line
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