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Regularly or frequently behave in a particular way or have a certain characteristic.
  1. 'her hair tended to come loose'
  2. 'People tended not to save email messages.'
  3. 'My personal network tends to be limited to people in similar fields to me.'
  4. 'Your work tends not to employ direct political messages.'
  5. 'People in the West tend not to read books in languages other than their own.'
  6. 'They tend not to be frequenters of high-art institutions.'
  7. 'Popular though these titles are, their appeal tends to be limited to a particular culture.'
  8. 'We tend not to reapply sun cream frequently enough.'
  9. 'I write most of my stuff late at night and tend not to spend a lot of time editing it.'
  10. 'George's adoration of his small children tended to evaporate as they grew older.'
  11. 'Rather than finding the deserters, the army tends simply dismiss them in their absence.'
  12. 'His other stories tend towards an intentional fuzziness.'
  13. 'They tend toward dark complexions and dark hair.'
  14. 'My partner tends towards political pessimism.'
  15. 'Your answers to the questions indicate that you tend toward being a Director.'
  16. 'Custom-made furniture for kitchens and bathrooms tends towards the traditional, but with a contemporary twist.'
  17. 'His clientele tend toward having cultivated tastes.'
  18. 'Everything that tends towards mutual understanding must be encouraged.'
  19. 'Her roles to date have been varied, though she tends towards characters who are powerful, capable or magnetic.'
  20. 'We are confident that, in the long run, things tend upward.'
  21. 'Who controls events, and in which direction do they tend?'
  22. 'It's hard to talk about her without tending into the language of the mythical.'
  23. 'Her taste has tended towards men with bicep measurements bigger than their IQ.'
  24. 'History did not tend simply upward or simply downward but in both directions at once.'
  25. 'He supports his body by putting his foot forward in the direction in which the center of gravity tends.'
  26. 'She tends toward the sentimental, but most of her films at least have some form of character development.'
  27. 'the orbit tends to infinity'
  28. 'As time tends to infinity both the variance and the total number tends to zero.'


Care for or look after; give one's attention to.
  1. no object 'ambulance crews were tending to the injured'
  2. 'Local people have shown great community initiative by tending by planting, watering and looking after the flower beds.'
  3. 'He had no land to cultivate nor crops to tend.'
  4. 'The very basis of growing plants is tending the soil itself.'
  5. 'She and her husband regularly tended the small plot at the crematorium where the ashes of her parents are buried.'
  6. 'Part of a doctor's vocation is to tend the sick with care and conscientiousness.'
  7. 'The oaks were planted in special soil and tended carefully during cultivation.'
  8. 'His gardens are tended with skill and care, and his home is neat.'
  9. 'The workers take on the responsibility of cultivating the ground and tending the crops.'
  10. 'Caring for livestock or tending the land seems an idyllic lifestyle.'
  11. 'She took a keen interest in flowers and plants, tending them with great care and fondness.'
  12. 'She tends bar at a posh dance club by night and works at a record store by day.'
  13. 'I spent many years tending bar in a nightclub before my husband and I decided to open our own place.'
  14. 'She was tending bar, being snappy to customers.'
  15. 'The two met a decade ago when he was tending bar.'
  16. 'She manages a restaurant downtown and tends bar once a week.'
  17. 'He stopped to talk to the owner who was tending the bar.'
  18. 'Instead of putting up with condescending comments from customers at the bar she tended, she began to challenge them.'
  19. 'She ordered an ice water from the man tending the bar.'
  20. 'She eats at the restaurant about three times a week,and also buses tables and tends bar.'
  21. 'Casual work was easy enough to find, even if I did have to tend bars or wait tables.'
  22. 'the man that tended the carpenter'
  23. 'I will be able to tend upon you regularly for the next week but after that my time will be divided.'

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1. to be disposed or inclined in action, operation, or effect to do something: The particles tend to unite.

2. to be disposed toward an idea, emotion, way of thinking, etc.: He tends to be overly optimistic. Her religious philosophy tends toward pantheism.

3. to lead or conduce, as to some result or resulting condition: measures tending to improved working conditions; Governments are tending toward democracy.

4. to be inclined to or have a tendency toward

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"recentlies can be tended."

"lawns can be tended."

"people can be tended."

"gardens can be tended."

"firmers can be tended."

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(tend)Middle English: shortening of attend.