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Relating to worldly as opposed to spiritual affairs; secular.
  1. 'They deplored the Church's rich landholdings and its role in temporal affairs.'
  2. 'The church withdrew from temporal affairs.'
  3. 'They merely rejected the authority of the archdiocese over their temporal affairs.'
  4. 'Temporal and spiritual authority converge in him.'
  5. 'He was the temporal and spiritual ruler of the Muslim world.'
  6. 'Rome finally seems to have abandoned its temporal ambitions for purely spiritual aims.'
  7. 'Each person lives in two spheres of existence - the spiritual and the temporal realms.'
  8. 'The land is the link between the spiritual and the temporal.'
  9. 'A separation between the spiritual and the temporal is desirable and possible.'
  10. 'Her ongoing work provides support both spiritual and temporal for cancer sufferers.'
Relating to time.
  1. 'In our perception of the world, spatial and temporal dimensions merely appear to be distinct.'
  2. 'The temporal dimension is vital to the practice of wildlife management.'
  3. 'He has lost confidence in the narrative thread, in the continuity of temporal sequence.'
  4. 'Temporal concerns are often ignored in approaches to painting.'
  5. 'This issue explores some of the temporal and political dimensions of art.'
  6. 'Ancient DNA provides a temporal dimension to the study of genetic variation.'
  7. 'Art is temporal, finite… born to die.'
  8. 'Simplistic analyses of changes in vegetation cover probably confused natural temporal variability with long-term degradation.'
  9. 'These meanings typically have to do with temporalor logical relations between the events described in the clauses.'
  10. 'The meaning of the tense morphemes alone does not completely determine the temporal interpretation of a sentence.'
  11. 'The second, third, and fourth sentences are without verbs and hence have no temporal location.'


Of or situated in the temples of the head.
  1. 'Care is taken to avoid damage to the temporal branch of the facial nerve.'
  2. 'Commonly used sites for catheterization include the temporal veins.'
  3. 'The pain is typically centered over the temporal regions.'


1. of or relating to time.

2. pertaining to or concerned with the present life or this world; worldly: temporal joys.

3. enduring for a time only; temporary; transitory (opposed to eternal).

4. Grammar. of, relating to, or expressing time: a temporal adjective, such as recent, or a temporal adverb, such as recently. of or relating to the tenses of a verb.

5. secular, lay, or civil, as opposed to ecclesiastical. noun, Usually, temporals

6. a temporal possession, estate,

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"sequences can be temporal."

"relations can be temporal."

"lobes can be temporal."

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(temporal)Late Middle English: from late Latin temporalis, from tempora ‘the temples’ (see temple).