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A temporary employee, typically an office worker who finds employment through an agency.
  1. 'And hiring through a temp agency doesn't protect you from litigation.'
  2. 'I was going for an interview with a temp agency, and I'd just typed up my resume, including my work history.'
  3. 'Agency temps have the lowest rates of all employment categories.'
  4. 'Keep all your tickets and passes in the envelope they came in, and let the appropriate temp employees sort through it as needed.'
  5. 'The employment conditions for the temps - who have to wear orange badges to distinguish them from blue-badged permanent employees - are strikingly different.'
  6. 'But an office full of temps contains all manner of other, hidden costs.'
  7. 'Past employment as an in-house temp or other is also statistically significant in predicting a lower probability of home ownership.'
  8. 'I then started work at Deep Sea World as an office temp, initially for three weeks.'
  9. 'Three employees and a temp are thought to have been evacuated but cannot be located by the company.'
  10. 'In July, the company said it had 70 permanent employees and 30 temps.'


Work as a temporary employee.
  1. 'While temping at a hedge fund, an unregulated investment pool with lofty fees and million-dollar investment minimums, I accepted a full-time position.'
  2. 'Here in Edinburgh, I'm temping at a place that provides emergency alarms for elderly people.'
  3. 'In these three years I've had nine jobs, including part time, temping and other.'
  4. 'Here, she plays Charlotte, a woman drifting through life, walking dogs, temping and working as a doctor's receptionist as she yearns to be a dress designer.'
  5. 'From temping in a job with no responsibility, prospects or even daily duties, I'm now editing a magazine about management theory and its impact on emerging markets.'
  6. 'I took on bits of jobs - temping, writing - anything I could drop at a moment's notice to head up the motorway if necessary, but even then Mum was resistant to change.'
  7. 'With temping, there is no personnel department telling you how you can make plans based on how many vacation days you have left.'
  8. 'I'm temping for a company, basically doing data entry.'
  9. 'When I quit the farm I started temping and have done so ever since but never for more than a few weeks at a time and for various agencies.'
  10. 'I drifted into banking and insurance by accident when I took a year off between my first and second year at university and ended up temping at a large medical insurer that was a major local employer.'

  1. 'January temps are as high as 35°C'
  2. 'The store is still under heavy construction, and the ambient temp is about 47 degrees.'
  3. 'During the day and into their growth and blooming period they like temps between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.'
  4. 'In winter, mountaineers can ski in, but storms and sub-zero temps make this one for the experienced adventurer.'
  5. 'Near perfect summertime weather hit with the temps in the mid 80s and the humidity staying somewhat in check.'
  6. 'The ambient air temperature was about 31 degrees and the track temp was about 46 degrees'
  7. 'The temp is minus 5 degrees Celsius and the wind is in our face the rest of the day as we ski often where ptarmigans, moose and reindeer make the only other tracks.'
  8. 'The temps jumped 20 degrees, and the miserable dank week before was forgotten.'
  9. 'Most turf grasses need ground temps of at least 60 degree F to germinate and depending on variety or type you pick may germinate in as little as five days to a month or more.'
  10. 'I remembered Jeremy's advice: 330 degrees is the target temp.'
  11. 'Am I right in saying that an increase in temps could make the jetstream move?'

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1. temporary (def 2). verb (used without object)

2. to work as a temporary.

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"people can be temping."

"agencies can be temping."


(temp)1930s (originally US): abbreviation.