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(of a person) liable to unreasonable changes of mood.
  1. figurative 'a temperamental engine that had a way of conking out when put in gear'
  2. 'I guess that would explain why he's so temperamental.'
  3. 'Somehow the cameraman failed to achieve this, prompting an outburst from the temperamental artist.'
  4. 'She was a temperamental person and considerably forgetful.'
  5. 'He might be a volatile, temperamental person but, she did not think that he was actually dangerous.'
  6. 'Alone in my room, I collapsed on my bed like a temperamental teenager and proceeded to drench my pillow with tears.'
  7. 'This friend is rather temperamental and I don't know how they'll react.'
  8. 'The players are not temperamental or emotional; they just get on with the job.'
  9. 'In the flesh, he was temperamental, and on the stage, wildly dramatic.'
  10. 'Yes, but they didn't want the temperamental personality.'
  11. 'He was sometimes a gruff and temperamental man, but his sense of humour came through in so many of his finest songs.'
Relating to a person's temperament.
  1. 'It made no allowances for cultural, regional, political or temperamental differences.'
  2. 'And these religious temperamental differences of course, they're very much prominent in their literary output and their way of life.'
  3. 'Empirical studies have shown that different temperamental characteristics of the child elicit different parenting practices.'
  4. 'The final remedy given is usually that which matches the child's physical and temperamental constitution at birth.'


1. having or exhibiting a strongly marked, individual temperament.

2. moody, irritable, or sensitive: a temperamental artist.

3. given to erratic behavior; unpredictable.

4. of or relating to temperament; constitutional: temperamental differences.

More examples(as adjective)

"princes can be temperamental as fathers."

"people can be temperamental in presses."

"lettuces can be temperamental in winters."

"engines can be temperamental in traffics."

"people can be temperamental."

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