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  1. count noun 'a black-and-white telly'
  2. 'The others, he knew, would all be sitting around the telly watching the family film.'
  3. 'Paul came around and we ate lunch on our laps in front of repeats on the telly.'
  4. 'We had the telly on in the corner of the studio watching the mens diving at the Commonwealth Games.'
  5. 'There really would be nothing on the telly, but no one could complain about it.'
  6. 'Images of supermodels were sometimes on the telly but I didn't take much notice of them.'
  7. 'Now clothes are on the telly, in broadsheet newspapers and all over the internet.'
  8. 'Paul came around for dinner and we flicked through holiday brochures in front of the telly.'
  9. 'They just keep turning towards the telly if it is on, rather than talking to you.'
  10. 'My mum moved the armchairs and the telly and the bookcase out of the sitting room and into the dining room.'
  11. 'The telly, the wireless, even the theatre do not evoke the same sense of a communal occasion.'

More definitions

1. television.

2. a television receiving set.

More examples(as adjective)

"rescuers can be telly."