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Having a striking or revealing effect; significant.
  1. 'After the restart, Italy looked the far stronger, continually launching telling breaks but still failing to find the vital pass.'
  2. 'The figures are not only alarming but they have a telling effect on the domestic debt.'
  3. 'Falling at the feet of Jesus in front of a crowd is a telling gesture signifying social inferiority.'
  4. 'I think I'm coming on well fitness-wise, but that flu jab that knocked me back a few weeks ago has had a telling effect.'
  5. 'The right word and expression is enough to deliver the punch with telling effect.'
  6. 'Very few might be aware that the name of a person has a telling effect on one's life.'
  7. 'The type of shows being shown on television have a very telling effect on the minds of our children.'
  8. 'As it happens, this is just one telling detail in a carefully orchestrated tapestry of haunting effects.'
  9. 'He was involved in most of his sides scores as he combined with his team mates and either passed to telling effect or was fouled in possession.'
  10. 'Some of the most brilliant human resources have died at their most productive age and this has had a telling effect on all sectors of our economy.'


1. having force or effect; effective; striking: a telling blow.

2. revealing; indicative of much otherwise unnoticed: a telling analysis of motivation in business.

More examples(as adjective)

"others can be telling in contexts."

"nothings can be telling about positions."

"drops can be telling in terms."

"reporters can be telling."

"people can be telling."

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