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Record for or transmit by television.
  1. 'The event is also being televised to thousands more armchair spectators.'
  2. 'Not many literary launches are televised live and few audiences are so euphoric.'
  3. 'The hearing will be in public and screened on television but the later evidence sessions will not be televised.'
  4. 'Viewers can find out exactly how the couple did when the results of the sale and auction is televised next February.'
  5. 'The two-hour show was televised on the national network so the whole country could watch.'
  6. 'The winners of these heats will compete against each other in the national finals to be televised in November.'
  7. 'He was scheduled to make a nationally televised address Friday night about the deadly riot.'
  8. 'Events will also be televised on the big screen in the centre's food hall.'
  9. 'There will be a prize for the challenge match winner and the event might be televised, though this has yet to be confirmed.'
  10. 'In recent years, their expertise now produces televised cricket in India.'

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1. to send or receive by television.

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"debates can be televised."

"addresses can be televised."

"speeches can be televised."

"interviews can be televised."

"conferences can be televised."

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(televise)1920s: back-formation from television.