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Relating to or made with a telescope.
  1. 'telescopic observations'
  2. 'His telescopic observations forever changed how we understand the heavens; the Linceans hoped that their microscopic observations would do the same for the terrestrial world.'
  3. 'While Mars and the Moon were objects of much attention by early telescopic observation, the surface of Venus remained a mystery.'
  4. 'To oversimplify, then, Galileo's telescopic observations of remote surfaces and of appearances he knew to be illusions were revelatory in a way that the Linceans' microscopic scrutiny of matters at hand could not be.'
  5. 'His astronomy brought back to the fore, he went on to make the earliest telescopic observations in England.'
  6. 'It has also entered its uninteresting season for telescopic observers; it looks like a small, featureless, gibbous Moon for the rest of the year.'
  7. 'She said that telescopic observations reported in 1977 reported the detection of methane and ethane on Neptune but not Uranus.'
  8. 'Scientists have studied the rocks and soil returned from the Moon by the Apollo astronauts and have used telescopic and spacecraft observations to learn a great deal about the lunar environment.'
  9. 'telescopic lenses'
  10. 'The main camera is mounted on the telescopic mast at the front of the trailer.'
  11. 'We peered through the telescopic lens, trying to see the Stadium.'
  12. 'To do this, gastroenterologists use endoscopes - flexible telescopic instruments with a light and lens at the tip, which send pictures of the lining of the bowel to a video monitor.'
  13. 'The lenses were reported as the largest ever ground for photographic work-the telescopic rectilinear lens being 11 feet equivalent focus.'
  14. 'Amateur photographers, much - loved 35 mm cameras around their necks, look in awe at the mighty telescopic lenses of the world's paparazzi.'
  15. 'It will be used during keyhole surgery which is now commonly carried out, instead of conventional operations, using telescopic surgical equipment with a camera relaying pictures from inside a patient to a monitor.'
  16. 'One of his favorite tricks is to call the people he's spying on and describe what he is observing through his telescopic lens.'
  17. 'there are interesting telescopic objects in Boötes'
  18. 'He saw it directly and it was visible for some months, but is now a telescopic object.'
  19. 'This was done first through telescopic measurements and early spacecraft fly-bys.'
Having or consisting of concentric tubular sections designed to slide into one another.
  1. 'Yet the telescopic boom design allows the operator to work in close when on severe slopes or in unstable conditions.'
  2. 'The telescopic boom section is the one nearest the truck, and a folding section of slick line bridges the extending portion.'
  3. 'The vehicle that we are here concerned with is essentially a telescopic boom designed and constructed to raise or lower platforms or other fixtures to required positions.'


1. of, relating to, or of the nature of a telescope.

2. capable of magnifying distant objects: a telescopic lens.

3. obtained by means of a telescope: a telescopic view of the moon.

4. seen by a telescope; visible only through a telescope.

5. capable of viewing objects from a distance; farseeing: a telescopic eye.

6. consisting of parts that slide one within another like the tubes of a jointed telescope and are thus capable of being extended or shortened.

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