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The working or use of telephones.
  1. with modifier 'mobile telephony'
  2. 'In this function it is a significant incremental improvement to pre-existing telegraphy and telephony.'
  3. 'Start with routers for cable modem applications and add in telephony applications.'
  4. 'Fortunes have been advanced to fund the purchase of licences in the mobile telephony sector.'
  5. 'Another future trend to watch for is the possibility of free internet telephony.'
  6. 'There was no 24 hour television, no internet and no mobile telephony.'
  7. 'It may be possible for portable multimedia devices to be hooked up to a combination of DAB and mobile telephony networks.'
  8. 'His work now goes beyond regular online advertising into other media such as mobile telephony and e-mail.'
  9. 'The next generation mobile networks will be based on the convergence of mobile telephony and IP computer networks.'
  10. 'However, many of the larger internet providers are not really as up to speed as they should be on the way mobile telephony is developing.'
  11. 'Mobile telephony is one of the fast growing and successful sectors in India, he says.'

More definitions

1. the construction or operation of telephones or telephonic systems.

2. a system of telecommunications in which telephonic equipment is employed in the transmission of speech or other sound between points, with or without the use of wires.

More examples(as adjective)

"services can be telephony."