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A system for transmitting voices over a distance using wire or radio, by converting acoustic vibrations to electrical signals.
  1. 'Most people do not know it, but the voice coming over the telephone conveys a mental picture to the listener.'
  2. 'It was used in the development of the country's telephone and radio system in the 1940s.'
  3. 'In the event of discrepancies, we followed up participants by telephone and re-checked mobile phone data.'
  4. 'Viewers will also get their chance to listen to the arguments and express their opinion - voting either online, via digital television or by telephone during the programme.'
  5. 'In doing so, data can be captured at every point of customer contact from order entry to fulfilment whether that contact is by telephone, fax, call center or Web site.'
  6. 'Workers communicate by voice in meetings, in hall conversations, and by telephone.'
  7. 'Information theory is a field of mathematics that scientists use to analyse strings of data, whether carried by DNA or radio waves or telephone wires.'
  8. 'It was the only form of communication, as no radio or telephone, television, video or film existed then.'
  9. 'At midnight yesterday the Government imposed full control over all communication by telephone and telegraph.'
  10. 'General practitioners and patients were contacted by telephone to assess their satisfaction with the system and to determine whether further referrals for excision had been made.'
  11. 'it was eight-thirty when the telephone rang, and I knew it was Chandler'
  12. 'Paging mechanisms were created to activate sleeping mobile telephones to receive incoming calls.'
  13. 'Simultaneously, passengers will be also be able to use their mobile telephones and connect to the internet.'
  14. 'One of the contentious clauses is that service providers must, at their own cost, make their technology compatible so that the state can tap into customers' telephones, cellular phones and e-mails.'
  15. 'Communication with other hospitals and external agencies occurred via land lines and cellular telephones, which use satellite communication systems.'
  16. 'He had been exposed to microwaves from cellular telephones and cordless telephones for several years.'
  17. 'Computers, printers, telephones, answering machines, and a fax machine and scanner were stolen.'
  18. 'Two-way voice communication systems comprise an overhead speaker system plus dedicated firefighter telephones on each floor of the building.'
  19. 'At the time when the respective instruments were drafted, telephones and computer bases had not been invented.'
  20. 'We coded anatomical areas for the tumors without knowledge of the subject's exposure to cellular or cordless telephones.'
  21. 'Then, live every Friday, the contestants will be given free access to a number of telephones, mobile phones with text facilities, and interactive digital TV sets.'


Contact (someone) using the telephone.
  1. 'I didn't have a mobile phone to telephone my husband and so they said they would go to my house and get him.'
  2. 'It is not uncommon for people to telephone friends or relations who say that they were just thinking of calling them.'
  3. '‘People were telephoning us and asking us what they could do to help or if there was any information - it was almost like a big family,’ she said.'
  4. '‘I'll telephone you as soon as I've spoken to my friend, Mrs Hawthorne,’ she said.'
  5. 'We gave no second thought to one of these youngsters using a cellphone to telephone his mom to come pick them up.'
  6. 'Shortly after telephoning his wife and several friends in Italy, he was rearrested by the Egyptian government.'
  7. 'On a Friday evening before Easter the man's wife telephoned the doctor but he was out.'
  8. 'The respondent regularly telephoned his wife for her to arrange a taxi to collect him.'
  9. 'You promised my wife that you would telephone me within the next two days which did not happen.'
  10. 'The school also telephoned the applicant's wife, who thought the applicant was at work.'
  11. 'she telephoned for help'
  12. 'A bereaved mother claims she was driven to the brink of suicide after an out-of-hours doctor fired questions at her about her daughter's tragic death when she telephoned for help.'
  13. 'Meanwhile, police yesterday denied media reports that the woman had telephoned for help eight hours before the murders were discovered, but that her pleas had been ignored.'
  14. 'The priest was able to telephone for help in spite of his serious injuries.'
  15. 'The boy said he helped his mother up and telephoned for an ambulance.'
  16. 'I had telephoned for the ambulance and was looking out for it when I saw the policeman.'
  17. 'As usual, she telephoned for help and the paternal grandparents drove to Kingston to pick the children up.'
  18. 'In the future, cell phone users will be able to use Bluetooth to telephone at home via fixed-line networks.'
  19. 'Barbara had telephoned the news'
  20. 'The counter employee took messages, which were telephoned to the main telegraphy office in Manchester.'
  21. 'You may write in, e-mail or telephone your choice.'

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1. an apparatus, system, or process for transmission of sound or speech to a distant point, especially by an electric device. verb (used with object), telephoned, telephoning.

2. to speak to or summon (a person) by telephone.

3. to send (a message) by telephone. verb (used without object), telephoned, telephoning.

4. to send a message by telephone.

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"warnings can be telephoned."

"threats can be telephoned."

"bombs can be telephoned."

"requests can be telephoned."

"reports can be telephoned."

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(telephone)Mid 19th century: from tele- + -phone.


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