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Supposedly capable of transmitting thoughts to other people and of knowing their thoughts; psychic.
  1. 'Like other Time Lords, he is partially telepathic.'
  2. 'Conversely, more than a quarter of the people who said they had had no other kinds of telepathic experience were seemingly telepathic in relation to telephone calls.'
  3. 'He concluded that the only tenable hypothesis for the horse's abilities was that the horse was telepathic.'
  4. 'He said that it was not possible for job sharers to work together unless they were telepathic.'
  5. 'My mum, being her usual telepathic self, came over to check I was okay.'
  6. 'Brady told Wilson the pair were so close they were " almost telepathic ".'
  7. 'We would have an exhibition but it would also be ' come in and find out if you're telepathic '. "'
  8. 'Psychic drift may account for some telepathic subjects guessing the wrong card, photo, video clip, etc.'
  9. 'Once again, it seems as though Taupin has been telepathic.'
  10. 'She is exceptionally gifted, and possesses strong telepathic and telekinetic powers, which saved the day on many occasions.'
  11. 'These surveys reveal that seemingly telepathic experiences in connection with telephone calls are remarkably common.'
  12. 'Then she explained that she was sending out a powerful telepathic message.'
  13. 'We were in another state of being altogether, we were telepathic most of the time.'
  14. 'The usual telepathic communication between the players is in evidence.'
  15. 'Using his telepathic powers he tries to enter the mind of a recently deceased man before all his memories vanish.'
  16. 'Psychics also addresses the unique, sometimes telepathic, bond between twins.'
  17. 'Females, who made up 75 % of the telepathic experience writers, had telepathic experiences 91 % of the time with their girlfriend or another female friend.'
  18. 'Funny, both Graham and I - friends since the age of five - seemed to have a telepathic connection.'
  19. 'This program is an educational program delivered via the Internet, in conjunction with a new form of telepathic communication.'
  20. 'Living in this world is Luchino, a seventeen year old girl with a tragic past and hidden telepathic abilities.'


1. communication between minds by some means other than sensory perception.

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"communications can be telepathic."

"powers can be telepathic."

"people can be telepathic."

"contacts can be telepathic."

"understandings can be telepathic."

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