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A person with the ability to use telepathy.
  1. 'Desi has the power of a telekinetic, perhaps a telepath too.'
  2. 'Even if his actions were on a subconscious level, as a telepath, he held himself to a higher standard.'
  3. 'I am working to be a telekinetic and a telepath, but I am no healer.'
  4. 'For a telepath there's always a background sense of sentient thoughts around you.'
  5. 'Imagine we discovered that there were telepaths living among us, people who could undetectably read our minds, in a way that we couldn't block.'
  6. 'I can't think of any reason why she would see colors with thoughts unless… ‘You are a telepath and an empath?’'
  7. 'But at least the original series had vigor, whimsy, and raw emotion, not just bloodless ethical commitments and busty telepaths.'
  8. 'The sound ascended as they rose to their feet, followed by a pressure wave of joyous thoughts that nearly oversaturated the telepath.'
  9. 'As a telepath, she could technically read a refugee's every thought, but her morality forbade this intrusion.'
  10. 'She didn't need to be a telepath or an empath to know that.'

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1. a student of or believer in telepathy.

2. a person having telepathic power.

More examples(as adjective)

"popes can be telepath."

"livings can be telepath."


(telepathist)Late 19th century (as a verb, meaning ‘to use telepathy’): back-formation from telepathy.