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The remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology.
  1. 'The new technology - called telemedicine - has been supplied to most major hospitals around the country by the foundation.'
  2. 'The use of telemedicine will allow one's whole medical record to be sent from one part of America to another within seconds.'
  3. 'Inevitably, many patients will be managed through some form of telemedicine.'
  4. 'The advancements in telemedicine will link clinicians with patients across great distances.'
  5. 'However, the main problem in telemedicine is not a lack of technology; rather, it is the organisational problem of knowing how to take advantage of the technology.'
  6. 'Is it suitable for initial consultations, or do patients find it more acceptable to use telemedicine technology just for follow up appointments?'
  7. 'New areas include tissue engineering, telemedicine and bioinformatics - the technology of the genomic revolution.'
  8. 'More recently, a European project recommended the accreditation of healthcare related software, telemedicine, and internet sites.'
  9. 'It's not yet clear whether the current law relates to telemedicine in the same way it does for other medical specialties, or whether entirely new legal issues will surface.'
  10. 'Telepathology is one of the fastest growing branches of telemedicine.'

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1. the diagnosis and treatment of patients in remote areas using medical information, as x-rays or television pictures, transmitted over long distances, especially by satellite.

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"techniques can be telemedicine."

"solutions can be telemedicine."

"services can be telemedicine."

"ideas can be telemedicine."