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Of or by a telegraph or telegram.
  1. 'This Release may be signed in whole or in counterparts and delivered in whole or in counterparts by facsimile or telegraphic transmission.'
  2. 'So if you tell the story of time coordination as a pure history of ideas then Poincare's references to telegraphy and telegraphic longitude remain…'
  3. 'The first Morse telegraphic transmission was accomplished in 1844.'
  4. 'A chart showing the details of the Morse code used for transmitting telegraphic messages, invented by Samuel Morse has also been displayed.'
  5. 'He recognised its importance as a link for bringing the Empire into direct telegraphic connexion for political, commercial, and strategic purposes.'
  6. 'In other words, in writing on the typewriter, she was clever enough to be able to tap her keys in a pattern that is exactly like the Morse telegraphic code.'
  7. 'He said, however, that the shift in direct payments resulted in additional revenue on drafts and telegraphic transfers.'
  8. 'All of these developments accelerated growth when coupled to the steam and telegraphic evolutions, which in their turn spawned fresh management techniques and new methods of feeding the urban masses.'
  9. 'The Press Association made agency news nationally available by providing a central telegraphic agency for the new provincial press.'
  10. 'By then, Morse had been experimenting with a telegraphic device for four years.'
(especially of speech) omitting inessential words; concise.
  1. 'Messages tend to be short, even telegraphic, and may omit grammatical bridges.'
  2. 'His work has the telegraphic simplicity of aboriginal craft and generic morphologies, rather than the more digressive and particularized qualities of realistically mimetic images.'
  3. 'Also, the older children speak proficient English instead of the telegraphic dialect the Shimerdas use in the early chapters.'
  4. 'The text, written by Coates, is in telegraphic style but is loaded with easily accessible information, including recent observations.'
  5. 'He has also added a running paraphrase to each of the poem's twenty-four sections, making explicit much that the author's telegraphic style has compressed.'
  6. 'His tale is quintessentially a tale of a Bihar in transition, and he tells it very well - in short, crisp telegraphic sentences for most part of the time, with an endearing simplicity and candour.'
  7. 'These one-word utterances that have meaning are holographic phrases, which are soon followed by short two-word sentences called telegraphic phrases.'
  8. 'Pearls was the telegraphic code word for bed bugs!'


1. of or relating to the telegraph.

2. concise, clipped, or elliptical in style: telegraphic speech.

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"rates can be telegraphic."

"transfers can be telegraphic."

"corps can be telegraphic."

"speeches can be telegraphic."

"services can be telegraphic."

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