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A conference with participants in different locations linked by telecommunication devices.
  1. 'I can remember struggling to match 10 different plugs to 10 different sockets and configure a PC in a desperate attempt to have a teleconference.'
  2. 'We make discreet enquiries, and sources respond that there was indeed massive demand for the teleconference.'
  3. 'If the other parent fears no bias against his caregiving, he might bring the child to the meeting or set up a teleconference from home.'
  4. 'That's why 90 per cent of the teleconference was taken up with legal issues.'
  5. 'Developers are spread out over various geographical locations and weekly teleconferences are set up to discuss ongoing development issues.'
  6. 'The company has since established a teleconference link with Germany for teleconference meetings.'
  7. 'Uses include watching movies via digital multimedia broadcasting at an airport, viewing a game stored in mobile handset's memory, or conducting a video teleconference in poor lighting or at a less than optimal viewing angle.'
  8. 'Many activities drew out of these conferences, including two international satellite teleconferences held during the UN World Conferences of Women.'
  9. 'Visits to a Web site, of course, are not the same as a person-to-person meeting, but as are teleconferences, the activity is a virtual stand-in for direct interpersonal communication.'
  10. 'Many organizations are willing to pay a premium to guarantee adequate bandwidth at a specified time (for a teleconference or a distance-education course, for example).'

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1. a business meeting, educational session, etc., conducted among participants in different locations via telecommunications equipment.Compare videoconference. verb (used without object), teleconferenced, teleconferencing.

2. to participate in such a meeting or meetings.

More examples(as adjective)

"briefings can be teleconferenced."