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Definitions and examples

plural noun

  1. as modifier 'telecom companies'
  2. 'In other markets, such as telecoms or the Internet backbone, it has to be more robust.'
  3. 'Will its products be enough to woo back investors despite fears of a telecoms downturn?'
  4. 'The survey also looks at telecoms infrastructure, broadband provision and mobile services.'
  5. 'They also see ample evidence of fierce competition in many areas, both in consumer and business telecoms.'
  6. 'The impact of this on telecoms and mobile cellular operator voice revenues promises to be interesting.'
  7. 'Reductions in debt ratings have also put a strain on finances throughout the telecoms sector.'
  8. 'It now has sector supplements for the automotive, finance, telecoms and tour operators sectors.'
  9. 'In Germany the telecoms services sector is one of the most promising business areas.'
  10. 'All telecoms companies have seen their market capitalisation more than halve during the past year.'
  11. 'This is to enable these businesses to be better able to cope when spending by telecom operators resumes.'

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1. telecommunications.

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"groups can be telecoms."

"markets can be telecoms."

"companies can be telecoms."

"operators can be telecoms."

"sectors can be telecoms."

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