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Communication over a distance by cable, telegraph, telephone, or broadcasting.
  1. as modifier 'telecommunication equipment'
  2. 'This brings real-world practicality to telecommunication and network applications.'
  3. 'Demand for telecommunication surges in the world's fastest growing economy.'
  4. 'Add in energetic radiowaves used in telecommunication, and we have a recipe for disaster.'
  5. 'He said modern telecommunication infrastructure was costly, but the resulting efficiency in communication enhances business effectiveness'
  6. 'In this day and age of advanced telecommunication facilities a source of a telephone call is very easy to detect.'
  7. 'It was the view of the committee that, in these instances, the incidents had likely involved the fouling of submarine telecommunication cables or associated debris.'
  8. 'Broadband refers to telecommunication in which a wide band of frequencies are available to transmit information.'
  9. 'More recently, largely due to the sharp rise in cellular mobile telephone subscribers and paging users, a number of new telecommunication retailer branches have opened.'
  10. 'Cameras, telecommunication products, and DVD players are responsible for most of the increase.'
  11. 'And I also think the telephone and telecommunication companies want it as well.'
  12. as modifier 'the telecommunications market'
  13. 'I studied computational physics at university rather than engineering or telecommunications.'
  14. 'The telecommunications mast uses new technology to be adopted in a scanner-proof police radio system across Scotland.'
  15. 'I will campaign for upgraded electricity and fibre-optic telecommunications networks.'
  16. 'Quantum leaps are also happening to telecommunications, medicine and even in the world of entertainment to name but three.'
  17. 'Almost every listed company in the technology, media, or telecommunications sector enjoyed a rapid increase in value.'
  18. 'These house the heating, ventilation, electrics, telecommunications and plumbing.'
  19. 'The technology and telecommunications sectors have been particularly badly affected.'
  20. 'There are fewer growth funds, which tended to own a lot of technology and telecommunications.'
  21. 'He holds master's degrees in telecommunications systems and computer science.'
  22. 'He administered and oversaw the telecommunications and information technology systems for the company.'
  23. 'If the relevant agency has lawful authority to intercept a telecommunication, technological barriers should not prevent them from doing so.'
  24. 'One embodiment of the invention may be viewed as a telecommunications service for allowing a user to send a telecommunication comprising textual, graphic and/or audio material to be delivered to a recipient in e-mail form.'

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1. Sometimes, telecommunication. (used with a singular verb) the transmission of information, as words, sounds, or images, usually over great distances, in the form of electromagnetic signals, as by telegraph, telephone, radio, or television.

2. Sometimes, telecommunication. (used with a singular verb) the science and technology of such communication.

3. telecommunication, a message so transmitted. adjective

4. of or relating to telecommunications.

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(telecommunications)1930s: from French télécommunication, from télé- ‘at a distance’ + communication ‘communication’.