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A television broadcast.
  1. 'The era of satellite telecasts and the IT revolution brought forth more heroes, most of them proved short-lived.'
  2. 'Recently there was some research done which showed that of the sports that are on the anti-siphoning list, the free-to-airs had in fact only shown 16% of telecasts of those sports.'
  3. 'With the Mariners and Yankees on satellite television every morning, the ratings for nighttime telecasts plummeted.'
  4. 'The news telecast was really boring and after the telecast, we all went off to bed.'
  5. 'He will join the telecast through a four-minute videotape, his spokesman said yesterday.'
  6. 'Also, ABC Television, the official broadcaster of the World Cup, showed a delayed telecast of the final.'
  7. 'Local television and radio news had exhausted the few vague details of the crime with countless updates and telecasts.'
  8. 'Watching a delayed telecast, people go out of their way to not know the score in advance so that the tension and entertainment will be higher.'
  9. 'I become aware of an attractive television reporter on racing telecasts.'
  10. 'Throughout the day, he looked at various tapes to decide which features would set up and supplement the live action on the telecast.'


Transmit by television.
  1. 'These shows are often telecast through satellite television channels.'
  2. 'This 24-hour Urdu channel is also telecasting Ramzan-based programmes.'
  3. 'From my limited experience of sitting in the press box a few times, there is a delay of at least 1 second between the action occurring on the field and the TV channel telecasting it.'
  4. 'Will sanity ever return to the business of cricket telecasting?'
  5. 'The Racetrack Television Network will also be telecasting the races.'
  6. 'The Education department can install a TV in every examination hall by entering into an agreement with the BCCI and the channel which is telecasting the match.'
  7. 'As a prelude, the Government should impose certain stipulations on the functioning of channels by which they should be strictly warned against featuring and telecasting such horrible scenes in the serials.'
  8. 'We are telecasting our religious programming purely as a service to our viewership.'
  9. 'He also took the initiative to prepare two animation films on dengue control, which are now being telecast by all regional television channels.'
  10. 'As part of the moon landing celebrations, the channel is also telecasting a series called Moon Walk every Sunday.'

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1. to broadcast by television. noun

2. a television broadcast.

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"orders can be telecast."

"addresses can be telecast."