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  1. 'He glues himself to the tele to watch it twice a day.'
  2. 'Oh come on Mark, you know this is ten times better than the tele.'
  3. 'We gave in at 3 and put the tele on and had a hot drink.'
  4. 'Last night my kids were watching the swimming championships on the tele and the National Bank ad came on.'
  5. 'From the pictures I've seen on the tele - it's not going to be pretty.'
  6. 'I'd rather have advertisements on the tele and some fair and unbiased news than the joke that the corporation has now become.'
  7. 'John and Sue get back, and like every evening, they immediately tell each other everything that's happened in their respective offices, and watch tele.'
  8. 'I have seen stories on the tele about people meeting online and then meeting in person.'
  9. 'Have fun and sit in on one of their rites, it can't be too much more boring than sitting in front of the tele and it may be an adventure.'
  10. 'As the clock struck 9, the tele was still on, the bowl half empty and she was still alone.'


A Fender Telecaster electric guitar.
  1. 'So if anyone is interested in my Strat and/or Tele, please get in touch.'
  2. 'The Tele is a peach, it just fell into my hands one day seven years ago in a shop in Cambridge and we've been inseparable ever since.'

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1. television.

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"operators can be tele."

"sets can be tele."

"procurements can be tele."

"privatisations can be tele."

"companies can be tele."

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1970s: abbreviation.