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A Mexican-American inhabitant of southern Texas.
  1. 'Ironically, though, he would eventually be forced to settle in Mexico as a refugee, a consequence of the 1846 exodus of Tejanos from Texas, and a concomitant influx to the area of new Anglo immigrants.'
  2. 'By the 1950s, however, service organizations faced new challenges from increasing numbers of Mexican immigrants, Texas Mexicans, or Tejanos, and a new group, Puerto Ricans.'
  3. 'But the forgotten heroes are the Tejanos, Mexicans who had lived in Texas for many generations and fought beside Bowie, Crockett and the others against the Mexican army.'
  4. 'To speculate briefly on this exclusion, to ask why polka hasn't gained alongside Tejano increased attention with the hip, upscale consumers of world music is to revisit the relation between race and ethnicity in American life.'
  5. 'But our emphasis is not really on the snake show, as much as it is on the country-and-western and Tejano entertainment.'
  6. 'At this year's Latin Grammys, three of the five albums nominated for Tejano music - a blend of Mexican polka and American pop - were released by Freddie.'

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1. (often lowercase) a style of Mexican-American popular music that features the accordion and blends the polka with various forms of traditional Mexican music, now often including synthesizers and rock music.

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"rocks can be tejano."


(Tejano)American Spanish, alteration of Texano ‘Texan’.