Adjective "teetering" definition and examples

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Move or balance unsteadily; sway back and forth.
  1. 'I heard heavy footsteps on the porch steps and glanced over as the guy almost fell but grabbed the railing, teetering to the left unsteadily with a quiet laugh.'
  2. 'The carriage teetered precariously as he moved to take a seat opposite her and they stared at each other in a calming silence as she drank, but once she finished, the cup fell from her loose fingers and clattered loudly on the floor.'
  3. 'The manouevre came dangerously close to spilling me entirely into the muck, but I teetered back and forth and finally came to rest still in the upright position.'
  4. 'He pushed them both into the fountain while they were still teetering off balance.'
  5. 'People who were standing upon the land were either thrown backwards into the crowd, or teetered back and forth on the rising ground of the levee.'
  6. 'She teetered precariously before moving once again to position her feet solidly on the ground.'
  7. 'Ana stood with the assistance of the bed, teetering unsteadily, smirk on her face, bottle in hand.'
  8. 'Cows wander the streets, ragged children pester dogs with sticks, tailors teeter past on bicycles balancing bolts of fabric.'
  9. 'With a heavy thud she slammed into the hat rack, which teetered and tottered before tipping toward her.'
  10. 'I tugged again, and then as I stumbled, the suitcase teetered, and fell backwards, bouncing down the stairs to land at the bottom.'
  11. 'she teetered between tears and anger'
  12. 'And the market simply teeters back and forth, worrying and then feeling relieved again.'
  13. 'The woman we meet in this book teeters from one fringe position to another, and somehow always remains balanced.'

More definitions

1. to move unsteadily.

2. to ride a seesaw; teetertotter. verb (used with object)

3. to tip (something) up and down; move unsteadily. noun

4. a seesaw motion; wobble.

5. a seesaw; teetertotter.

More examples(as adjective)

"powers can be teetering."

"shops can be teetering."

"enterprises can be teetering."


(teeter)Mid 19th century: variant of dialect titter, from Old Norse titra ‘shake, shiver’.


teeter on the brink (or edge)