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  1. 'Okay, I think I'm getting a teensy bit carried away, but no more.'
  2. 'Unfortunately, the anger was short-lived and a teensy bit of paranoia set in.'
  3. 'You couldn't blame me for being a teensy bit apprehensive, could you?'
  4. 'But the Postal Service viewed the matter with a teensy bit more urgency.'
  5. 'I glanced at Jeff, who was staring straight ahead, looking a teensy bit pale.'
  6. 'Paige groaned, looking at her stomach critically, which had expanded a tiny, teensy bit; not bad at all, but she was ashamed of her unfit body.'
  7. 'She looks at me as if I'm a teensy bit slow on the uptake.'
  8. 'They're like a teensy tiny version of a normal cigarette lighter.'
  9. 'She was being ridiculous, isolating him like this, all because of one teensy tiny stupid little question that he wished he'd never asked!'
  10. 'Now that is a teensy bit different from your average enterprise software company.'


1. teeny; tiny.

More examples(as adjective)

"bits can be teensy."

"times can be teensy."

"peckers can be teensy."


Late 19th century (originally US dialect): probably an extension of teeny.