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plural noun

The years of a person's age from 13 to 19.
  1. 'They range in age from their early teens to their early 40s, with most in their mid-to-late 20s.'
  2. 'Organ failure ensues with death in the teens to early twenties.'
  3. 'In my late teens, a sensitive young painter, I felt the need for some personal space.'
  4. 'By the time he reached his teens he showed precocious talent and at the age of 25 he was a rising star.'
  5. 'He began playing the piano at age four and played classical piano right into his teens.'
  6. 'Wisdom teeth usually grow through the gums during your late teens or early twenties.'
  7. 'The second was in his late teens to early 20s, tall, of slim build with spiky hair.'
  8. 'All the suspects are aged in their late teens and early twenties, and live in the borough.'
  9. 'Niki began playing the piano at age four and then took up the guitar in his teens.'
  10. 'For once the average age is plummeting downwards to late teens, early twenties.'

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1. the numbers 13 through 19, especially in a progression, as the 13th through the 19th years of a lifetime or of a given or implied century.

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"adults can be teens."

"recoverings can be teens."

"growths can be teens."

"accessories can be teens."

"yearlies can be teens."

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Late 17th century: plural of teen, independent usage of -teen.