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Be full of or swarming with.
  1. 'she walked briskly through the teeming streets'
  2. 'I imagine Vancouver will be different, its streets teeming with people from all over the world.'
  3. 'Located in a street teeming with Italian restaurants, the beauty of this place is they'll always manage to squeeze you in somehow.'
  4. 'On a visit to Calcutta he was walking with her down a street teeming with poor people when he asked her how she could hope to make a difference.'
  5. 'The streets teem with hustling, bustling humanity, hag-like beggar women, street urchins and drunken revellers urinating against inn walls, all rubbing shoulders with the gentry in their smart clothes and carriages.'
  6. 'Its 24 acres teem with wildlife and offer a haven from the rush and bustle of a tourist city.'
  7. 'As I step on to its teeming streets, I begin to understand his words, for the very pulse of this city can be felt instantly.'
  8. 'Passing trade from the teeming streets is thus discouraged.'
  9. 'In the deep sea, where it's too dark for photosynthesis, the water teems with crabs, fish, jellyfish, mollusks, and other life-forms.'
  10. 'Aristide hasn't ventured out into the teeming streets, though officials say he is free to come and go.'
  11. 'A couple of cats can do much less damage than a teeming apartment full of them.'


(of water, especially rain) pour down; fall heavily.
  1. 'They stood face to face under the balcony in the moonlight as the blustery rain teemed around them.'
  2. 'And though it may have been teeming down outside, we were grateful we weren't one of the brave few toughing it out under canvas.'
  3. 'But alas, the June day teemed with rain and the street parties had to retreat indoors.'
  4. 'It was a very watery first half with the rain teeming down on the players.'
  5. 'I could have smashed the bottle on the concrete front doorstep, but the rain was teeming down and I would get wet again.'
  6. 'So hard was the rain teeming down on Friday that play on the famous golf course was called off before 3pm.'
  7. 'Unfortunately it was the first real night of winter and rain teemed down intermittently.'
  8. 'The rain teemed down as both teams took to the pitch and while it didn't dampen the jovial atmosphere at the ground, it did make for a frustrating sixty minutes of football for both teams.'

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1. abounding or swarming with something, as with people: We elbowed our way through the teeming station.

2. prolific or fertile.

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"capitals can be teeming."

"cities can be teeming."

"camps can be teeming."

"slums can be teeming."

"streets can be teeming."

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(teeming)Middle English: from Old Norse tœma ‘to empty’, from tómr ‘empty’. The original sense was ‘to empty’, specifically ‘to drain liquid from, pour liquid out’; the current sense (originally dialect) dates from the early 19th century.