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    A T-shirt.
    1. 'On any normal day, jeans and a tee would suit her fine.'
    2. 'Her long black hair was pulled back in a neat pony tail, and her striped tee with khaki capris told me one thing - today would be an adventure.'
    3. 'In concession to the October morning chill, she slipped a worn flannel shirt on over the tee.'
    4. 'The look that seemed to work the best with all big men was a button-down shirt left open with a coordinated tee underneath.'
    5. 'As with traditional tees, your best bet is cotton or even mesh.'
    6. 'He was wearing some faded jeans and a vintage tee with a hat.'
    7. 'In addition to boards, the collection, which has a modern Japanese artsy look, includes hoodie sweatshirts, tees, tanks, and skating paraphernalia.'
    8. 'He wore baggy green pants and a flannel checkered shirt over a white tee.'
    9. 'I stepped out of the bathroom in light blue jeans, white tee, pale green over shirt, and socks.'
    10. 'The tee can be found virtually anywhere, at any department store or retail store.'

    More definitions

    1. the letter T or t.

    2. something shaped like a T , as a three-way joint used in fitting pipes together.

    3. T-bar.

    4. T-shirt.

    5. the mark aimed at in various games, as curling. adjective

    6. having a crosspiece at the top; shaped like a T . Idioms

    7. to a tee. T, t (def 6).

    More examples(as adjective)

    "shots can be tee."

    "shirts can be tee."

    "times can be tee."

    "pieces can be tee."

    "boxes can be tee."

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