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A person who is expert in or enthusiastic about technology, especially computing.
  1. 'He has also come up with what he calls a Holiday Garment, ideal for travelling techies.'
  2. 'The techies may well actively resist bad technology with good sales that the executives force down their throats.'
  3. 'Usually, only more hardcore computer techies are up to the challenge.'
  4. 'Remember, they are techies and used to the hand-eye coordination of computer games.'
  5. 'Smart younger people are techies almost by definition, and this is reflected in what they watch and read as well.'
  6. 'Power-hungry techies will find this open source aggregator more to their liking.'
  7. 'Those techies produced the first versions of the captivating game.'
  8. 'Web logs, for techies, for the media, or just for fun, now number in the millions.'

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1. tetchy.

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"bits can be techy."


1960s: from tech + -ie. First recorded as a US slang term for a technical college student, the word was later used as British service slang, denoting a technician. The current sense dates from the 1980s.