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Relating to or using technology.
  1. 'The technological secrets of the Minster are to be disclosed to the public as part of National Science Week.'
  2. 'For all our technological and intellectual advances, we are impotent when nature rears up against us.'
  3. 'I would like to better understand what is at play in our technological experiences.'
  4. 'We brought into being many other things with our scientific and technological power.'
  5. 'Is the quality of life now better for the technological advancements we have made?'
  6. 'Futurologists have noted an exponential acceleration in the pace of technological change.'
  7. 'Attempts to devise a technological solution to spam are ongoing, and admittedly difficult.'
  8. 'At the same time technological innovation will be even more crucial if the company is to continue growing.'
  9. 'The result is usually scientific and technological stagnation except in the short term.'
  10. 'We do need to accept that scientific and technological advances will often be accompanied by new risks.'


1. of or relating to technology; relating to science and industry.

2. Economics. caused by technical advances in production methods.

More examples(as adjective)

"changes can be technological."

"advances can be technological."

"developments can be technological."

"innovations can be technological."

"progresses can be technological."

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