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A style of fast, heavy electronic dance music, typically with few or no vocals.
  1. 'Many had been waiting patiently for several hours, bobbing to blasts of techno, country and rock music.'
  2. 'The music is a blend of techno beats and guitar riffs, and makes for pretty decent racing music.'
  3. 'The last two weeks they played techno and dance music at the end of the night.'
  4. 'Flamenco now has modern influences such as blues, jazz and more recently rock, hip-hop or techno.'
  5. 'His accomplished, melancholic debut of minimal and ethereal, techno music quickly followed.'
  6. 'Bossa nova, deep techno, hip hop, broken beat and jazz all find common ground in a sound that is a genre all its own.'
  7. 'Music, which mainly focused on techno and dance, simply wasn't interesting anymore.'
  8. 'His blend of minimal techno and acid has been his trademark sound since the early days.'
  9. 'If you all grew up in the same social environment, how is it that you understand techno and they don't?'
  10. 'Music will include funky techno, a cappella singers, dance floor jazz, and chilled house.'

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1. a style of disco music characterized by very fast synthesizer rhythms, heavy use of samples, and a lack of melody.

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1980s: abbreviation of technological.