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A point of law or a small detail of a set of rules, as contrasted with the intent or purpose of the rules.
  1. 'The life of a prosecutor is not an easy one especially when offenders are acquitted on a technicality.'
  2. 'Who knows, maybe something good will come of this, or maybe, as often happens, the whole process will get stuck in some kind of regulation technicality or other.'
  3. 'But this is all a matter of procedure and technicality, not the moral heart of the matter.'
  4. 'The case was then sent back for a retrial on a technicality.'
  5. 'But the conviction was overturned on a technicality.'
  6. 'So it's a formal legal rule that has saved them, rather than a technicality.'
  7. 'Charges of making false medical aid claims against him were dropped on a technicality and he instantly claimed he was innocent.'
  8. 'The civil case was dismissed on a technicality but was later revived.'
  9. 'Often, forensic testimony is dismissed on a technicality, like an assumption the investigator made or the way he described something to the jury.'
  10. 'The Court must rule on a technicality about the institution's legal status, not that the director was a serial abuser.'
  11. 'he has great expertise in the technicalities of the game'
  12. 'You know Lou, I really don't know the technicalities of the issue in terms of that.'
  13. 'Rob, though, feels a professional and moral obligation to put technicalities in plain terms.'
  14. 'The nature of average war cinema is one that trivializes the human consequences of war for a focus on pure excitement, strategy and technicality.'
  15. 'He skilfully manages to convey the meat of the science without undue technicality, but also without any dumbing down.'
  16. 'Traditional ballet as a whole is being laid to rest in the ethereal stage technicality of rolling smoke and the dancers playing dead.'

More definitions

1. technical character.

2. the use of technical methods or terms.

3. something that is technical; a technical point, detail, or expression.

More examples(as adjective)

"memberships can be technicality."

"springs can be technicality."

"people can be technicality."

"makings can be technicality."