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A technical college.
  1. 'I've been accepted at the tech school here, and I want to continue my education so that I can have a wider range of knowledge about repairs.'
  2. 'Then I started teaching a bit at the local tech, got the academic bug, and took a few courses.'
  1. 'In London, tech, telecom and media stocks were bearing the brunt of the sell-off as investors looked for safe havens in the current unsettled climate.'
  2. 'Elsewhere, analysts saw little respite for battered tech and telecoms shares, which have struggled amid the gloomy corporate earnings picture.'
  3. 'I've never paid a dime for any tech show I've gone to, nor would I.'
  4. 'They have a 10 story mart with all things tech related.'
  5. 'In science and tech, this week we look at identities and cyberspace.'
  6. 'But while defensive stocks fell back, tech, telecom and media companies were adding their support to the market.'
  7. 'This kind of embedded tech has been used in high-quality printers for decades.'
  8. 'The cult of minimal tech - with its laptop-loving geeks and programming panache - hardly seems a hot trend.'
  9. 'Meanwhile, it's digital media and emerging tech, all new, all the time.'
  10. 'Now we see companies with doubtful credentials entering tech ventures for the sake of attracting investment.'
  11. 'In my years as a computer tech, I got very good at troubleshooting hardware incompatibilities and software driver problems.'
  12. 'I cannot count the number of times I have been contacted by auto technicians, mechanics and body shop techs whenever an electrical problem occurs.'
  13. '‘We have confirmation from the computer techs,’ the New Swiss scientist said.'
  14. 'I had to go in and meet the two new computer techs today.'
  15. 'Incidentally, we both trained to be library techs together over a decade ago.'
  16. 'A helpful tech leads me through the process; we banter numbers back and forth until it's obvious I put the wrong card in the wrong unit.'
  17. 'On this note, an easy way to train your operators is to allow them to watch the factory-trained techs performing maintenance tasks while a machine is under a service contract.'
  18. 'But as I've said before, the keyboard-map problem is fascinating to me and the techs because there is no reason it should be happening.'
  19. 'I don't usually work at that particular branch, and my 3-week stint covering another tech's vacation was almost over.'
  20. '‘You know, I think I've been here before,’ one of the techs said.'
  21. 'I've been ejected a few times (as I'm passionate and loud) but used to average a tech foul every game!'
  22. 'Steve got a tech foul and was thrown out!'

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1. technical: The engineers sat together exchanging tech talk. noun

2. a technician: He's a tech for a film crew.

3. technology: She has a good grasp of computer tech.

More examples(as adjective)

"stocks can be tech."

"weaknesses can be tech."


Early 20th century (originally US): abbreviation.