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A person who makes fun of or provokes others in a playful or unkind way.
  1. 'In an odd way, both the teasers and supporters appear to help youths keep pledges.'
  2. 'Then because of you and your practical joke I went from being the teaser to the teasee.'
  3. 'Calling her son after a cheesy Abba song can only have created the need for him to prove he was not the nancy boy that the less open-minded - and there are plenty of playground teasers in that bracket - might have assumed from his moniker.'
  4. 'It sounds like a tease and I told you I don't like teasers.'
  5. 'Geraldo Rivera is a war correspondent, or so the teasers on Fox News tell us.'
  6. 'In this context the Department has urged breeders - thoroughbred and non-thoroughbred alike - to test and vaccinate stallions and teasers to be used during 2004 breeding season.'
  7. 'the fish followed the teaser to within thirty feet of the boat'
  8. 'I am about to make a turn back, the two of us still looking for further splashes when without warning the short bait, riding behind the Big Herbie teaser, is smacked hard and instantly we are into a fish.'
  9. 'They also have a large teaser lure, usually a big skirted lure without a hook placed about 20-yards behind the boat.'
A short introductory advertisement for a product that stimulates interest by remaining cryptic.
  1. 'Normally readers would have at least two stories, sometimes three, as well as two to three teasers or pointers (usually across the top of the page under the masthead) to scan and select their reading matter.'
  2. 'But the teaser - featuring footage of Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman, Christopher Lee, new Anakin Hayden Christensen and Jimmy Smits - turned out to be a hoax.'
  3. 'Just heard on a Fox teaser: ‘Tonight at nine: the FBI grills Berger!’'
  4. 'Commercial business cards or advertisements of pornographic images placed in the Usenet as teasers to increase the number of consumers, and anonymously posted non - commercial images are both distributed through the Usenet.'
  5. 'The size of headlines, the length of teasers and the use of RSS feeds complete the uniform-to-be look.'
  6. 'There's two trailers, a short teaser and a longer full trailer, both available in Dolby Digital 5.1 and anamorphic widescreen.'
  7. 'The Daily Mirror has a Wicked Whispers section, where tantalising titbits of news are disseminated in teasers.'
  8. 'Then why play it up and publicise it and use teasers and wordy websites to give background info?'
  9. 'Especially with the teasers being shown on the BBC and all these theories going round.'
  10. 'J K Rowling has been particularly secretive about the plot, but she has released a couple of short extracts as a teaser.'
A tricky question or task.
  1. 'There were baffling, unanswerable teasers such as: why is a left foot either ‘trusty’ or ‘educated’ but a right foot is neither?'
  2. 'Can you solve 15 teasers in this new style exhibition suitable for the whole family?'
  3. 'But there is one diagnostic teaser you can use to try and sort this out for this particular situation.'
  4. 'This site aims to bring the magic of words into everyone's life with articles, anagrams, simple teasers and ‘a word a day’.'
  5. 'For those of you who are already too smart for your own good, we've tossed in a couple of teasers that will bring you down to our level.'
  6. 'So just to get you into the school mode, my good friend Graham White from Galway sent me a couple of teasers to kick the grey matter into action again.'
  7. 'So well done all, I might do another one of those teasers in the future as there are loads of generic tube scenes featured in ads and it would be interesting to locate them exactly!'
  8. 'If you're in the market for a role-playing game full of mind-bending teasers and intriguing twists, look elsewhere.'
  9. 'Rob Eastaway is a mathematician who used to set the teasers for New Scientist magazine.'
  10. 'He said: ‘Laurie is amazing for her age, she does crosswords, puzzles, teasers and she plays Scrabble.’'

More definitions

1. a person or thing that teases.

2. Theater. a drapery or flat piece across the top of the proscenium arch that masks the flies and that, together with the tormentors, forms a frame for the stage opening.

3. Printing, Journalism. kicker (def 9).

4. an advertisement that lures customers or clients by offering a bonus, gift, or the like.

5. Television Slang. tease (def 5).

More examples(as adjective)

"ads can be teaser."

"rates can be teaser."

"campaigns can be teaser."

"rallies can be teaser."