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Not crying.
  1. 'One little girl - one sinless, harmless, tearless little girl - found enough strength inside herself to rise to her feet and stumble out of the graveyard.'
  2. 'When Aoi had told her, Sara simply stood there, her brown eyes wide, yet tearless.'
  3. 'I had been tearless, too frightened, and I had looked at her, and I had apologized.'
  4. 'Troy looked up at him, his large eyes now tearless and expectant.'
  5. 'But I do know that when I came with Gareth to fetch him for the joust, he was still kneeling over her body, staring at her with tearless eyes that nevertheless revealed a great sadness.'
  6. 'I'm going to go find something, and when I come back I want you to be tearless, ok?'
  7. 'I just lay there on my bedroom floor, my arm bleeding, shaking with tearless sobs.'
  8. 'My eyes were dry and tearless as I took one last look back at the castle.'
  9. 'Then, I had to bid a tearless farewell to the Leisure Park, the County Mall, and Bar Med, as I left Crawley for the last time.'
  10. 'This time despair overtook me, but it was tearless.'


1. not weeping or shedding tears.

2. unable to shed tears.

More examples(as adjective)

"silences can be tearless."

"reunions can be tearless."

"faces can be tearless."

"cryings can be tearless."