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Gas that causes severe irritation to the eyes, chiefly used in riot control to force crowds to disperse.
  1. as modifier 'a tear-gas canister'
  2. 'I treated so many injuries from people hit by tear gas canisters and also those hit by rubber or plastic bullets.'
  3. 'Police wielded batons and lobbed tear gas shells to disperse crowds and take control of the streets.'
  4. 'As protestors began to march, riot police used tear gas and water cannons to contain the students on campus.'
  5. 'Water cannons, tear gas and rubber bullets were used against peaceful protesters.'
  6. 'Police and military forces tried to disperse the crowd with gunshots, water cannons and tear gas.'
  7. 'He told the court he had ordered the use of tear gas and rubber bullets to quell rioting prisoners but not firearms.'
  8. 'Eggs were thrown at the British consulate in Venice and police fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators.'
  9. 'Police responded with water-cannon trucks, tear gas and four-inch plastic bullets.'
  10. 'Police resorted to a lathicharge and fired 15 rounds of tear gas shells to disperse the mob.'
  11. 'Indonesian police fired warning shots, tear gas and water cannon to try and disperse the crowd.'


Attack with tear gas.
  1. 'However, after the incident when villagers were shifting the injured to District Hospital Doda police tear-gassed them in the town, which aggravated the problem, said reports.'
  2. 'Clashes took place outside the Maradana police station in Colombo, where police tear-gassed demonstrators and baton charged the crowd.'
  3. 'Starting at 10 am and finishing when the police tear-gassed the bar, England fans drank all day, with many bars running out of draught beer.'
  4. 'The television blares images of police tear-gassing blockades on street corners only a few blocks away.'
  5. 'South African police tear-gassed churchgoers and arrested at least three worshippers in a black township near Johannesburg.'
  6. 'Assuming the hole hasn't been closed (and cockpit access isn't bolted down), what's to stop someone from tear-gassing everyone on board and gaining control again?'
  7. 'I've seen my daughter's childhood totally destroyed, living in fear, being tear-gassed, and living under curfew.'
  8. 'At this point the imaginary cops are throwing me down and tear-gassing me, so I retreat from the Wonderful World of My Imagination, back into the far-safer reality.'
  9. 'Some protestors were still shouting the slogan ‘No violence, the world is watching’ as the police tear-gassed demonstrators and bodily picked them off the street.'
  10. 'In the most shocking example, a group of pacifist Christian anti-debt campaigners, accompanied by children, were tear-gassed simply, it seemed, for being there.'

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1. to subject to tear gas.

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"inhalations can be teargas."

"canisters can be teargas."

"bullets can be teargas."

"cannisters can be teargas."

"grenades can be teargas."

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