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Crying or inclined to cry.
  1. 'Stephen felt tearful'
  2. 'It was an unhappy and sometimes tearful female who in the evening could not imagine how to face her job next morning.'
  3. 'It arrived after 20 minutes, but Mr Williams said as the woman waited she became nervous and panicky, very tearful and upset.'
  4. 'Even though everybody is under 13, the room is quiet except for some tearful whimpers of fear and anticipated pain.'
  5. 'A tearful woman who identified herself as Yushenkov's wife answered his mobile phone and said he had been killed.'
  6. 'He got a little tearful as the journalist was leaving.'
  7. 'The young woman sitting opposite me looks tired, tearful and fearful, hiding away inside a baggy shirt, baggier jeans and brickie boots.'
  8. 'A tearful Grigg-Booth, who appeared in court on police bail, sat in front of the public bench as the court clerk read out the allegations.'
  9. 'No one can fail to be moved by the sight of a tearful mother wailing for her dead child.'
  10. 'Lawson's tearful mother, who has travelled from Grimsby every day during the trial, declined to comment as she left the court building.'
  11. 'A tearful Morphew, the father of two grown-up daughters, told the court he was appalled by what he had done and was sorry.'
  12. 'Mr Hussain's 34-year-old widow Naila has made a tearful plea for help to catch her husband's killers.'
  13. 'As Berry arrived at his house, he was prepared for a grim and tearful leave-taking.'
  14. 'The film runs the gamut of emotions from tearful sickbed scenes to ruthless black comedy.'
  15. 'The wife of a Bolton man who was kicked to death as he walked home from his birthday celebration has made a tearful appeal for her husband's killer to come forward.'
  16. 'These were the tearful words uttered yesterday by Radica Narine, mother of murdered nail artist Devika Narine.'
  17. 'For Sheen, the most tearful part of the movie is a scene with Sheen and her father, played by Raj Babbar, towards the end of the film.'
  18. 'You may remember his tearful appearances on this program and one other.'
  19. 'Robert's widow, Sharron Johnston, 44, has made a tearful plea for anyone with information to come forward.'
  20. 'The heartbroken mother of Easter murder victim Lucy Royle today made a tearful plea for help to find her savage killer.'
  21. 'There's a delay, with several tearful family farewells enacted at the same time.'


1. full of tears; weeping.

2. causing tears: the tearful story of his poverty.

More examples(as adjective)

"voices can be tearful at memories."

"people can be tearful at things."

"people can be tearful at sights."

"people can be tearful at goodnesses."

"farewells can be tearful."

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