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Pull (something) apart or to pieces with force.
  1. figurative 'a nation torn asunder by political pressures'
  2. 'I tear these things into pieces and put them in a pile of little white wads on the table.'
  3. 'I will write lines of poetry on the back of bus tickets and envelopes, and then I will tear them into tiny pieces and watch them flutter to the ground.'
  4. 'All the talk about foxes being torn to pieces misses the point, he says.'
  5. 'She then helped Nasywa and three other infants touch pieces of paper, tearing them up and pasting them on another sheet.'
  6. 'The plane was apparently torn apart before it burned, killing the pilot and copilot.'
  7. 'It is the end of the hunt when the animal is torn to pieces that the majority of people do not like.'
  8. 'His body was torn apart and pieces of mangled flesh were sent in all directions.'
  9. 'The crew cabin was torn apart in 24 seconds, the report says.'
  10. 'Roughly tear the cos into pieces and place in a large salad bowl.'
  11. 'It's only a matter of time before the spell's protection will fade and her human body be torn apart by the force of gravity, so Orphen has to act quickly.'
  12. 'So I'm not surprised to hear that they're not planning to kill the lion that tore off the arm of the twenty one year old zookeeper.'
  13. 'His face was dark and angry, and in one motion, he tore off his vest, and pulled me around, letting me see.'
  14. 'Baird's diaries make no mention of her, though a few pages have been torn out.'
  15. 'He had nearly finished his Classic Comic, only to find that the last few pages had been torn out.'
  16. 'As he tore off the pull tab, brown foam gushed out over his hand and down the front of his work togs.'
  17. 'A couple of Nainotlam volumes are missing and pages have been torn out from another.'
  18. '‘He tore off one of my diamond earrings so it ripped my ear and blood was pouring down my neck,’ she said.'
  19. 'Winds of 120 mph and drenching rain tore off rooftops, hurled debris through the air and sent huge waves crashing into buildings.'
  20. 'Rather football followers should delight in the euphoria of Thierry Henry, who tore off his shirt and twirled it joyously around his head.'
  21. 'Ivan tore off his sleeve and wrapped it around the wound on Joan's arm.'
  22. 'she was always tearing her clothes'
  23. 'He still wore green-brown clothes, but they weren't torn, and his fur was golden and his claws much more straight.'
  24. 'Her black hair got tangled in overhanging vines and brambles tugged at her clothes, tearing them in small rips and holes, and sometimes managing to scratch her across the face.'
  25. 'His clothes lay torn a few feet away.'
  26. 'His flannel button town shirt was torn and his jeans sported more holes than Swiss cheese.'
  27. 'Of course what they failed to realise is that a Goth Club is the least likely place for a fight in the world - wouldn't want to break a nail or tear your new PVC outfit would you?'
  28. 'He had a gaping hole in his abdomen where bone had torn his flesh away.'
  29. 'It also works well for nail repairs, say if you split or tear a nail, to glue it back together.'
  30. 'Bones were snapped, skin was torn, and arrows were poking through chests and backs - black arrows.'
  31. 'Parts of the huts were torn and cracked in some places and it looked as if an army had swept through and annihilated the whole place.'
  32. 'The front of his jersey is always dirty and the knees of his pants are frequently torn.'
  33. 'The blast at the consulate tore a hole in the ground six feet deep and nine feet wide and set trees on fire.'
  34. 'Though they came close when they stole a crane and deposited a Volkswagen Beetle in the Guest room by dint of tearing a huge hole in the roof.'
  35. 'A hole has been torn in the thin veil of ozone just above the Antarctic.'
  36. 'Cut outside showing Jake's airship firing several lasers into the hole torn into the ship in its initial pass.'
  37. 'We have to pay very careful attention to all the projecting pieces of equipment: we don't want to damage anything or to tear a hole in our spacesuits.'
  38. 'She changed into her black System of a Down shirt and a pair of white jeans that had a hole torn into both knees.'
  39. 'A hole torn in the main street was later found to contain two large semi-trailers.'
  40. 'Its thorns latched on and tore holes in our flesh leaving gaps of salty disbelief.'
  41. 'There was now a massive hole torn in the mangled roof of the pod.'
  42. 'You know we'll keep pushing the outside of the envelope until we tear a great big hole in it - it's the American way.'
  43. 'the material wouldn't tear'
  44. 'It began to tear slowly but not quickly enough as we collapsed onto the wood and rolled across the splintered planks.'
  45. 'With enough force, the coracoclavicular ligaments also will be torn, and the deltotrapezial fascia injured or detached.'
  46. '‘We had a bicep tendon that was torn, ligament tears in the rotator cuff and something in the scapula as well,’ he said.'
  47. 'Hours before the ride began, he slipped and fell, tearing all of the ligaments in his right hand.'
  48. 'He tore his hamstring tendon graft while skiing at 5 months after electrothermal shrinkage.'
  49. 'He missed four games last season after tearing his posterior cruciate ligament, but he is completely healed.'
  50. 'The more common of these include spraining or tearing one or more ligaments, tearing the meniscus or straining a tendon or muscle.'
  51. 'It wasn't until they opened him up that the damage was revealed: Alexander had torn his right pectoral muscle in four different places.'
  52. 'In a sprain, the ligaments may have been overstretched, twisted or torn.'
  53. 'With the heavy weight used for the barbell buddy curls, a muscle can be torn relatively easily if you don't control the movement.'
  54. 'He tore his biceps muscle on the third play of 2000, and the K.C. running game never recovered.'
Move very quickly in a reckless or excited manner.
  1. 'Besides churning up the meadows, the vandals have been tearing along paths and dirt tracks.'
  2. 'Zan watches his kids as they tear around the yard.'
  3. 'Then the cancer struck and quickly began tearing through his body.'
  4. 'They say riders tearing along pavements in the area have sent pensioners and mothers, pushing children in prams, sprawling.'
  5. 'After applying a little lipstick in front of the mirror quickly, I tore down the hallway, Angelina at my heals.'
  6. 'I tore along the ditch, as the car was struggling to stay in control.'
  7. 'I was so excited about it that I tore through my house Friday night, looking for the perfect picture from which to paint from.'
  8. 'Yes, it's a slightly bumpy ride on my trusty bike, but I'm grateful that some vehicle drivers can no longer tear along at high speeds.'
  9. 'Most of the album tears along at a relentless and brutal pace, it is far, far heavier than any of their previous offerings.'
  10. 'Reckless drivers who tear around the streets of Bradford face having their vehicles seized under new police powers.'
Be in a state of uncertainty between two conflicting options or parties.
  1. 'When his best friend gets involved in a street clash, Ricky is torn between past loyalties and his desire to start a new life with his girlfriend.'
  2. 'The undecided are torn between the pros and cons of both candidates.'
  3. 'Her daughter, Mary, is torn between Margaret's unhappiness at being out of her home and the advice of the safety experts and authorities who say it is not safe for her to return.'
  4. 'Tonight was homecoming and she was torn between excitement and dread.'
  5. 'Confused and upset, she was torn between the wish to adhere to the Australian legal system and the powerful love of her husband.'
  6. 'Frightened and isolated, his letter shows his confusion as he is torn between denial and acceptance.'
  7. 'But Olga told me that, when she was a child, she was torn between skating or ballet, so I thought I'd give her a chance…'
  8. 'Yet, once she discovers the magnitude of his violent side, she is torn between keeping his secret, or telling his parents.'
  9. 'Marguerite was torn between a fit of laughter, or bursting into tears.'
  10. 'By ten that morning, I was torn between being totally excited and just plain sad.'


A hole or split in something caused by it having been pulled apart forcefully.
  1. 'If the vitreous is exceptionally adherent to a weak point on the retina, a tear, hole, or detachment may develop.'
  2. 'The photographs show tears in fabric pulled apart to look like wounds, or pieces of metal depicted so they seem organic.'
  3. 'She had put on her junky jeans that had holes and tears in it along with her ratty old black T-shirt.'
  4. 'An emergency laparotomy was performed revealing 6 litres of free blood and a tear in the posterior aspect of the spleen.'
  5. 'She watched him slowly stitch the tear, pulling the needle carefully through the fabric.'
  6. 'When changes due to myopia are present as diagnosed by the eye doctor, the retina is thin and can develop tears, holes and detachment.'
  7. 'I cut out almost two dozen over the next 10 minutes, rolling and stretching where I must, patching a hole, a tear, a crack.'
  8. 'A jagged tear split his shirt up one side, the faded red fabric parting to reveal the grimy ladder of his ribs.'
  9. 'Every few moments he checked the cloud cover for punctures or tears, any hole that might afford him a glimpse.'
  10. 'It looks as if Beltraw went on a rampage here - there are tears and holes in the wall, with a door torn of its hinges.'

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1. a drop of the saline, watery fluid continually secreted by the lacrimal glands between the surface of the eye and the eyelid, serving to moisten and lubricate these parts and keep them clear of foreign particles.Synonyms: teardrop.

2. this fluid appearing in or flowing from the eye as the result of emotion, especially grief: to shed tears.

3. something resembling or suggesting a tear, as a drop of a liquid or a tearlike mass of a solid substance, especially having a spherical or

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"people can be tear out chapters."

"people can be tear off heads."

"backs can be tear into barbarians."

"people can be tear."

"glands can be tear."

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(tear)Old English teran, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch teren and German zehren, from an Indo-European root shared by Greek derein ‘flay’. The noun dates from the early 17th century.


tear someone/something apart
tear oneself away
tear someone/something down
tear into