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A fellow member of a team.
  1. 'He still is learning how to fit in with his teammates and where he should play on offense.'
  2. 'Jamilla ranked seventh among the top goal scorers, with her teammate Kelly Ann on her heels.'
  3. 'Whether he gets a shot to be a better teammate in a Colts uniform is now in question.'
  4. 'He sneaks in the passing lanes for steals and slides over to help when a teammate is in trouble.'
  5. 'He is driving more and looking to score off the drive rather than finding a teammate.'
  6. 'Mike glanced over at Nate who was with his fellow teammates playing a game of pool, it was only Mike and Mila at the table.'
  7. 'Could you give me and my old teammates a rundown on his career as a player and scout?'
  8. 'She stood there thinking about hockey, and the Olympics and her fellow teammates.'
  9. 'It is used to give the ball to a teammate who is either cutting or circling behind you.'
  10. 'Will and his teammates played in Gniezno in Poland in a tournament consisting of two pools.'

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1. a member of the same team.

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"millers can be teammate."

"champions can be teammate."

"whites can be teammate."

"walkers can be teammate."

"veronicas can be teammate."

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