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A small freshwater duck, typically with a greenish band on the wing that is most prominent in flight.
  1. 'And while the local migratory birds are flying out, the foreign ones like mallards, pintails, teals, shovelers, pochards, waders and curlews are coming in.'
  2. 'Other birds that seemed to be flushed out by the truck were a few moorhens, a single purple swamphen, and a pair of marbled teals.'
  3. 'Irrespective of the pattern of colonization, flightlessness probably evolved separately in the subantarctic teals.'
  4. 'Cattail-thronged marshes here host canvasbacks, redheads, and swans, along with buffleheads, common golden-eyes, teals, and even some bald and golden eagles.'
  5. 'I watched lapwings competing for nest sites on the damp fields where I also saw pheasants, grey partridges, teal and mallards.'
  6. 'Our two most common ducks, Mallard and American Black Duck, are dabblers, as are teals (like the Green-winged Teal we saw on New Year's Day) and wigeons.'
  7. 'Around the same time and at the same value, there also were plenty of wigeons and teal, although neither made much of an impression at the processing house.'
  8. 'Up to 600,000 gather here - gadwalls, pintails, Northern shovelers, teals.'
  9. 'Recently, the Park attracted teals even before it started raining in earnest.'
  10. 'Surprisingly, rather than grouping the South Island Brown Teal with the North Island Brown Teal or one of the subantarctic teals, the South Island Brown Teal grouped with the Mallard and Grey Duck.'
  11. 'Kylara was shorter and buxom, with red-gold hair and Elven eyes that gleamed a rare teal.'
  12. 'Reds that appear with hints of blue, and teals and oranges shaded with gold will be in demand.'
  13. 'The colors - simmered shades of red, yellow and blue - are more urban decay than Mondrian, turning up as rusty orange, bilious yellow, bruised blue, teal blue and off-red, with smears of black and white.'
  14. 'Her sharp nails were expertly painted, and her eyes were a stormy teal.'
  15. 'All right, my favorite color is teal, but I don't really want to play this game.'
  16. 'Walking out onto the grand balcony, two robed men, one in teal, the other in purple, paused for a while to admire the open sea.'
  17. 'The sky had changed colour since her argument, now a purple haze of teals and blues.'
  18. 'Coloured stones in shades like teal blue, burgundy, greens, chocolate browns, beads, wooden bracelets and huge jewelry in like colours are what her customers are asking for.'
  19. 'She was dressed in an uniform of hot pink, blue, and a lightish teal.'
  20. 'In these latitudes, sea and land and sky wear the colors of hand-knit Scottish sweaters: the taupes, the teals, the tans, the oyster grays.'

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1. any of several species of small dabbling ducks, of worldwide distribution, usually traveling in tight flocks and frequenting ponds and marshes.

2. Also called teal blue. a medium to dark greenish blue.

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"greens can be teal."

"fields can be teal."

"areas can be teal."

"wastes can be teal."

"torches can be teal."

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Middle English: of unknown origin; related to Dutch teling.