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Hard durable timber used in shipbuilding and for making furniture.
  1. 'Tents are essentially small stately homes under canvas - teak furniture, proper beds, flush WCs, bucket showers, laundry service.'
  2. 'And those willing to pay a little more, say 10-15 per cent, can get furniture made of pure teak, for a good bargain.'
  3. 'Some furniture, such as teak benches, cedar chairs and wrought iron table sets are designed so that they can be left in the elements year round.'
  4. 'The highest quality teak furniture will also be fully machine made.'
  5. 'To the right is a large kitchen with terracotta tiled floor, vaulted timber ceiling and teak windows set into exterior walls that are at least 3 feet thick.'
  6. 'The 2 monks carved in teak donated by Deva Furniture & Art Objects was bought by Kevin Smith for 10,000 baht.'
  7. 'Gone are the days when valuable timber like rosewood and teak were considered predominant for construction works and furniture making.'
  8. 'There was a time when outdoor furniture was either teak, aluminum, or plastic.'
  9. 'It is in good decorative order, and features include timber floors, new teak sash windows, a restored chapel, and a new roof.'
  10. 'Wood benches made from hardwood such as teak, redwood, mahogany, or cedar can stay outside year-round.'
The large deciduous tree native to India and SE Asia which yields teak.
  1. 'A teak tree exporter called police after a man purporting to be a football player on the Thai national team left her broke and stranded here in Pattaya.'
  2. 'Where was the teak with its thousand arms spread out?'
  3. 'Tip-toe through the teak trees: Lou is experimenting with rotating sheep through the lots for easy grass and weed maintenance.'
  4. 'At the end of a dirt road, on a rickety bus parked in a teak grove, Tchomi-Kandi Mondja keeps her eyes on a small jar of liquid.'
  5. 'The entire nation's economy has been redirected to felling acres of teak trees and converting the lumber to sticks to hold placards.'
  6. 'The region's forests of mahogany and teak are highly prized.'
  7. 'Only if teak trees reached a certain size could they be harvested.'

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1. a large East Indian tree, Tectona grandis, of the verbena family, yielding a hard, durable, resinous, yellowish-brown wood used for shipbuilding, making furniture, etc.

2. the wood of this tree.

3. any of various similar trees or woods.

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"trees can be teak."

"plantations can be teak."

"funds can be teak."

"farms can be teak."

"timbers can be teak."

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Late 17th century: from Portuguese teca, from Tamil and Malayalam tēkku.