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The occupation, profession, or work of a teacher.
  1. as modifier 'a teaching union'
  2. 'While his work may elicit controversy, his teaching and teaching methods continue to influence generations of graphic designers.'
  3. 'The project will enhance the assistance to regional enterprises as well as creating new research and teaching capabilities.'
  4. 'However, one teaching union has already threatened to ballot its members over possible strike action if the six-term year is introduced.'
  5. 'One weekend of TV coverage of their conference might well do more damage to the idea of teaching as a profession than any amount of strike action.'
  6. 'Some 27 percent of health professionals and 9 percent of teaching professionals are migrant workers.'
  7. 'Now, most people accept that pay is an essential ingredient in the restoration of the professional status of teaching.'
  8. 'But he was incredibly bright, excelled at school and as a young man dabbled in the professions of law, teaching and theology.'
  9. 'Lecturers and researchers are a special breed of people who have chosen the noble profession of teaching.'
  10. 'After the time off, Frost considered taking up teaching as a profession, but sometimes things don't always go as planned.'
  11. 'The sad truth is that America doesn't hold the profession of teaching in esteem because we don't believe what they do is important.'
Ideas or principles taught by an authority.
  1. 'The following excerpts of actual teachings present the essence and details of refuge.'
  2. 'These are interpretive teachings because they are told in order to inspire people.'
  3. 'He denied direct involvement, but said he was glad his teachings might have inspired the deaths.'
  4. 'The idea of strong mindfulness and awareness runs throughout these teachings.'
  5. 'Some had concerns about sex education and teachings on homosexuality, he said.'
  6. 'This view has largely been created and reinforced by the teachings of most religions through time.'
  7. 'Though his followers were mainly in India his teachings spread all over the world.'
  8. 'Like it or not I guess the Internet has brought a great many thoughts and teachings to a much wider audience.'
  9. 'Imagine if the current contestants of Big Brother were asked to interpret the teachings of Allah?'
  10. 'Now you're asking us whether you should bring up a child with your atheist teachings and dogma?'

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1. the act or profession of a person who teaches.

2. something that is taught.

3. Often, teachings. doctrines or precepts: the teachings of Lao-tzu.

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"staffs can be teaching."

"hospitals can be teaching."

"subjects can be teaching."

"skills can be teaching."

"people can be teaching."

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