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A person who teaches, especially in a school.
  1. 'And by the time we go to high school our teachers will be impressed with what we can do.'
  2. 'Training is given to schools as well as resource material for teachers to use in class.'
  3. 'On the first day of the new school year the teachers are crackling with enthusiasm.'
  4. 'The crush you had on the history teacher was so obvious it could be seen a mile off.'
  5. 'In fact I have picked it up again several more times just to annoy my history teacher.'
  6. 'Jobsharing can thus be seen as a valuable tool to helping schools retain teachers.'
  7. 'Sally is now a teacher in a Thai primary school teaching English using song and dance.'
  8. 'Do any of you really believe that a teacher sits at home plotting how to make a fuss about any one kid at school?'
  9. 'My entire class was making a noise waiting for the teacher to turn up for a music lesson.'
  10. 'Talk to your teacher and ask them if they think there may be a reason for the low grade.'

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1. a person who teaches or instructs, especially as a profession; instructor.

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"reactions can be teacher."

"systems can be teacher."

"specialists can be teacher."

"rights can be teacher."

"lesses can be teacher."

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