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Impart knowledge to or instruct (someone) as to how to do something.
  1. 'he taught me how to ride a bike'
  2. 'His mother taught him to read at age three, and ‘once I knew how to read, I was off on my own.’'
  3. 'Talking about adult education, he lauded India's innovative programme that teaches people to read in their mother tongue in just two to three hours.'
  4. 'What will we learn next, that education schools don't teach educators how to teach kids to read?'
  5. 'The charity has educated people about HIV and AIDS, taught women to read, immunised children and helped people rebuild their lives after conflict.'
  6. 'Traditional American Education models call for teaching a child to read between the ages of 7-9.'
  7. 'We also have three training organizations prepared to teach workers how to install it.'
  8. 'Although most mosques have programs to teach children to read the Koran and memorize verses, the pesantren is unique because it targets small children.'
  9. 'The education system that would teach girls to read would also empower millions of illiterate boys.'
  10. 'Phonetics is the way the children are taught to read and write in the Montessori method of education.'
  11. 'A carpenter wrote his thanks to Weatherly for teaching him how to read instructions.'
  12. with two objects 'she teaches me French'
  13. 'Teachers have argued passionately for the opportunity to teach the subject they love, instead of trawling laboriously through past papers.'
  14. 'But once the notions take hold that parenting is a job and that the required skills can be taught, we may end up with the idea that the aim is to produce a certain type of product.'
  15. 'The subjects must be taught in depth at the school level.'
  16. 'Mountain safety boils down mainly to common sense; you can teach yourself the necessary skills, and there are many excellent books on the subject.'
  17. 'Then again, consider the vested interest of all those who teach the subject of English literature.'
  18. 'When Kate Brookes wants to ask a colleague's advice on how to teach her subject it is not just a case of popping into the staff room.'
  19. 'How the information and skills are taught are considered to be equally as important as the award itself.'
  20. 'This guide contains all the skills and requirements as well as the background and reference information needed to teach the skills.'
  21. 'I teach two AP subjects and have a lot of trouble fitting in all that I would like for the course.'
  22. 'However, camp teaches the very skills that will allow camps to respond to these opportunities.'
  23. 'This is a book that offers rich possibilities for new directions in teaching at high school and college levels.'
  24. 'This same person was the only participant in the study ever encouraged by another member of the academy to teach at a community college.'
  25. 'Consider the fact that teachers almost universally discount their wages in order to teach in private schools.'
  26. 'One faculty member acknowledged that it was the source of her motivation for teaching at a community college.'
  27. 'I taught at the high school in the morning, one class at Nicholls in the afternoon and then went home to the hard work.'
  28. 'He became a secondary school teacher, teaching in schools at Tilberg and Breda.'
  29. 'Both of our teachers have taught in the public schools and consider this a much better situation.'
  30. 'Katherine von Duyke has home taught her 11 children for 16 years, and teaches at a homeschool high school.'
  31. 'One of the village's primary school teachers, who taught at the orphanage for two days last year, said he would not go back.'
  32. 'Many teachers are unqualified to teach according to local public school standards and most don't know how to relate to American-raised children.'
Cause (someone) to learn or understand something by example or experience.
  1. 'my upbringing taught me never to be disrespectful to elders'
  2. 'Finally, experience teaches us that the fall of a government creates a security gap.'
  3. 'The movies teach us to expect violence from the mentally ill - even though it's clear that we have far more to fear from our ostensibly sane fellow citizens.'
  4. 'We must save our heritage, we must learn from lessons taught us from the destruction of Swan Arcade and Forster Square Station to name but two examples.'
  5. 'My experience taught me that an owner should know every detail, from the cooking of the food up to its management, or he will be tricked by his workers.'
  6. 'When I was coming into the Church, experience quickly taught me that I could not rely on catechesis at the parish level.'
  7. 'Experience teaches us that excess doesn't buy us happiness, that money can't insulate us from pain.'
  8. 'He takes a deep breath: ‘But such experiences have taught me about human life.’'
  9. 'Experience teaches us that integrity may be compromised for convenience or to avoid unpleasant consequences.'
  10. 'Things haven't always been as happy for Mick, he has known his share of dark days but experience has taught him that life is precious and to be enjoyed.'
  11. 'Experience teaches us that if it happens in the United States, it will happen here, sooner rather than later.'
  12. 'And of course, Darwinian evolution is taught as fact in the education systems of Mexico, as it is in so many other countries.'
  13. 'But Dr Nelson says those who do not accept and teach Australian values should ‘clear off’.'
  14. 'The people growing up with these ideologies usually accept what they are taught.'
  15. 'When they do play, however, they manage to calm angry mobs, encourage world peace and teach vital life lessons - all the usual motivations for today's future bands.'
  16. 'Why should schools face such intense opposition, just because they don't teach evolution as fact?'
  17. 'Texas has approved biology textbooks that, get this: teach evolution as fact, much to the chagrin of creationists.'
  18. 'What a responsibility we have to ensure we teach them God's principles - not man's opinions.'
  19. 'And, of course, think also of tax-supported schools that teach evolution as fact.'
  20. 'In France, evolution is taught as a fact that you have to learn, and if you try to oppose that, you will be in trouble.'
  21. 'Are we teaching them the philosophy and the mission, along with fiscal, staff, and program management skills?'
  22. 'That'll teach you to mess with my friend's shop.'
  23. 'She'd teach him for messing with every girl he saw.'
  24. 'That'll teach Ipswich ne'er-do-wells to mess with a man's shed.'
  25. 'That'll teach you to mess with the Tengon regime!'


A teacher.
  1. 'Guys, do you remember the time were read the Three Musketeers in class and the teach started to call us that?'
  2. 'I suppose they got annoyed when they came in with a hangover and the teach kicked them out.'
  3. 'Everyone's eyes shift from the teach, Mrs. Stamos, to us.'
  4. 'I entered the class interrupting the lecture the teach was giving.'

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1. to impart knowledge of or skill in; give instruction in: She teaches mathematics.Synonyms: coach.

2. to impart knowledge or skill to; give instruction to: He teaches a large class.Synonyms: inform, enlighten, discipline, drill, school, indoctrinate; coach. verb (used without object), taught, teaching.

3. to impart knowledge or skill; give instruction.Synonyms: inform, enlighten, discipline, drill, school, indoctrinate; coach. noun

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"teachers can be teach about matters."

"people can be teach in/at/on weeks."

"people can be teach at institutes."

"people can be teach."

"teachers can be teach."

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Old English tǣcan ‘show, present, point out’, of Germanic origin; related to token, from an Indo-European root shared by Greek deiknunai ‘show’, deigma ‘sample’.


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