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(in tonic sol-fa) the seventh note of a major scale.
  1. 'So the half steps E-F and B-C use the syllables mi-fa and ti-do.'

The chemical element tellurium.

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    1. ti1 . Te or Teh [de] /dɛ/ Spell Syllables noun

    1. (in philosophical Taoism) the virtue or power inherent in a person or thing existing in harmony with the Tao.

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    "herplaatsens can be te."

    "belangs can be te."

    "aandelens can be te."

    "seasons can be te."

    "eauxs can be te."

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    Mid 19th century: alteration of si, adopted to avoid having two notes ( soh and si) beginning with the same letter (see solmization).